Who, at some point in history, thought …

 ”You know what…I’m just going to cut pictures out of this magazine, that I would NEVER read, stick them all willy-nilly to a piece of Bristol board and trust that this “vision board” will help me achieve my life goals?”

 Am I right?!?


If you asked me a few years ago I would have said that Vision Boards are bull-shit! 

 I struggled for a long time with the idea of Vision Board voodoo. What I knew to be true was… work hard…set reasonable goals (you know like the ones other people told you to want) work harder and then when you get there (to mediocre-land) FULL STOP. You’re done. 

 I held so firmly onto this mindset of lack…more than that, I was so stuck in my belief that I was stuck that I couldn’t even see the glass ceiling I had created for myself. The fantastical ideas, options and opportunities that the Vision Board WooWoo Witches suggested, required that I step outside of my belief that “all I had was all I would ever have” and it made the magic of Vision Boards an impossibility for me. 

What kind of person believes in Vision Boards?

 Who thinks that scraps of paper held together by UHU glue will have the power to magically transform lives. Who looks at pictures in a magazine and doesn’t feel the pressure of pre-determined meaning. Who innately and naturally expresses the most important factors needed to make Vision Boards work? Who unapologetically expresses these beliefs:

  1. Anything is possible 
  2. Everything is possible
  3. We see what we believe exists

Who do you think unquestionably believes that Vision Boards work?

 If you’re picturing an adult … you’re a bit off…I’ll give you a hint…there is a 98% chance this person is a creative genius…

 Yep…you guessed it…a child! 

 Have you ever noticed that children are naturals at visualization. You may be more familiar with the term imagination…very similar…the point is they are naturals at coming up with innovative solutions to problems. Born with the 3 beliefs required to truly maximize the benefits of a Vision Board (and therefore the visualization techniques of success masters and gurus), children are innately creative, imaginative + innovative. In order for an adult to dream beyond their current reality they need to tap into their innate skills of creativity and imagination. Many adults, for a myriad of reasons, have lost their child-like belief system and need to be reminded of what it means to truly believe.  (Check out this awesome TEDxTalk about the creative genius of children and what happens as they age!)

No you do not have to become anything different than who you are when you access your creative centre. You won’t start chanting or communing with crystals…(unless you want to) what you will begin to see, when you start thinking like a 5 year old is that your belief system, your current model of the world, is the only thing holding you back from conceiving, believing and achieving the impossible. 

Believing is Seeing

 For me the perpetual “prove it to me” girl, I needed to be shown that Vision Boards work AND I needed to have my current belief system, that my stuckness made it true for me that Vision Boards were bull-shit, blown up in order access little 5 year old Dionne. (PS Vision Boards were basically my gateway drug to the world of woo woo)

Why changing your mind can feel hard

 Whenever our belief system is questioned or we’re presented with alternate realities that contradict our understanding of the world, ideas that break our laws, we confront this new information with distrust and disdain. We negate and delete new information, allow our current belief system (i.e. Vision Boards are bull-shit) to act as teflon…nothing sticks, nothing changes. And to deepen the impact, we label the messenger of the fantastical untruth as confused, wrong, crazy, not to be trusted, not our people, misguided, uneducated…(you get the idea) and we distance ourselves from them…migrating (back) towards people who honour our beliefs. 

 So for a very long time I lumped anything and everything that questioned my model of the world as weird and crazy and quickly placed anyone who suggested these ideas to me, as people I did NOT want in my world. I vividly remember my response to a close friend a number of years ago, who was trying to tell me about The Secret…I told her, with every ounce of my being…

”I already know the fucking secret. The secret is there is no fucking secret…you need to pull your head out of your ass and do the work! Stop looking for answers and start dealing with reality.”

Looking back I think I was partly right

 The Secret is not really a secret…no one is hiding it from you. It is simply information that has slid off the teflon created by your firm model of the world. I still haven’t read or watched The Secret, however I have allowed my model of the world to open up and been able to reap the benefits! I conceive, believe and achieve…and inside that I win more battles with Bertha (my inner critic), continue to show up for my Awesome Self and do the work! 

Have you noticed 

That a war breaks out in those moments when you question yourself…when you ask yourself to shift your belief system or when you open yourself to learning. Inside you a small battle rages…between the part of you that needs to cling to your current model of the world and the part of you that is wide open to anything and everything being possible. 

Have you also noticed that the winner of the battle then gets control of your “truth”. I allowed the part of me that needed to stay safe, small, stuck to win for a LONG time. When the tables turned and my Awesome Self began to take a foothold on the battleground I stopped believing in my stuckness and began believing in my capacity for flow and growth…when that happened my truth about Vision Boards changed. 

You, like every child, have the 3 beliefs that it takes for Vision Boards to work for you. There is a part of you that still innately and naturally believes in the possibility that you are meant for more. That anything and everything you could desire is achievable. You simply have to organize your desires, align them with your Awesomeness Non-negotiables (your values), create a picture in your mind and give your Awesome Self a foothold.  

What is a Vision Board… really? It’s more that cut + paste…right???

A Vision Board is simply an external representation, or picture of your core desires. The magazine cutouts you choose represent the feelings you want more of and the moments you wish to create in your life. There may be pictures of specific items, places, people…and more importantly the whole represents the part of you that believes in your Awesomeness!  

How they actually work 

A Vision Board is a visual trigger and sets off a chain reaction in your brain. The pictures you’ve compiled in conjunction with the meaning and context you’ve given each picture, reminds you to let the part of you who believes in your awesomeness to make more decisions, offer more input and be included in your model of the world. This leads you to see and feel a connection with new people, opportunities and information, that may once have seemed fantastical and impossible. The result is that your beliefs will no longer act like teflon…bringing you one step closer to Your Awesomeness!  

How your brain brings the Art + Science of Vision Boards together

You are being bombarded with more information than you could possibly process at any given moment. And your brain very kindly has evolved to help you take notice of what matters to you and filter out what doesn’t. And like the algorithm on Facebook that pays attention to what you like, love and click on . Your brain pays attention to what you pay attention to then fills your feed with what it knows you want to see. Your brain listens in on the chatter of your mind…it picks up on everything that you are paying attention to…PS it does NOT care if you’re focused on something you like or don’t like it will simply choose the thing your focusing on, set it’s filter and BAM you end up with more of IT in your awareness.  

Call it woo woo if you want to

I call it science! Your brain, like a computer, has an algorithm, a program that relies on what you think about to do it’s job. If you want to have more of anything in your life you can maximize this little bit of awesome biology and simply focus on programming your brain to pay attention to what you want to pay attention to. It’s going to anyway so you may as well take advantage of this feature of your evolved grey matter! 

Retraining yourself to think about what you want, and not what you don’t want, so that you can keep your brain’s algorithm on your side is a skill. Vision Boards are an excellent tool to help you refocus your mind daily and practice this skill. Simply look at your Vision Board, reengage with the emotions and meaning that you’ve given it and remind yourself of the awesomeness that you want. Then let your brain do the rest… 

1 more thing

Trust your Self! You’ve done the work. Set your intentions. Created the Vision of your Awesomeness. Now, you must allow it to enter your life. Challenge yourself to say YES to YOU!  

Create Your Say YES to YOU Vision Board with Me!