They call me the

Inner Critic Whisperer!

Driven by my belief that every woman can bust through all the shitty shoulds, end the battle with their inner critic and learn to embrace their true fucking awesomeness…

My job is to help YOU to believe in YOU again!


Be Inspired

To explore your own borders, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. The real work begins when you choose to take 100% responsibility for your entire life, willingly release your limiting beliefs, reset your priorities and reflect on what matters most to YOU!


Feel Empowerd

Coaching is a “do with” process and together we will plan every step you need to shift your perspective, tap into the power of vulnerability and shed what is getting in the way of living a truly awesome life. 


Get Excited

To learn about and do what it takes to go from Hot Mess to Awesomeness! The real impact of our work will be in the new narrative you write. Reconnect to what lights you up, renew your sense of wonder, learn to rejoice in your F’N awesomeness and make a habit of being truly happy!

I see you busy lady…doing everything your supposed to do, keeping everyone around you happy and using every ounce of energy to keep EVERYTHING running smoothly… And like trying to hold sand in your hands…sometimes no matter how hard you try, it feels impossible!

Honey that’s because you’re not meant to live every moment of your life for others! I know it might seem that way … the messages you’ve received most of your life have led you to believe that your happiness is dependent on who you make happy or what you do (perfectly) and I need you to know you’ve been lied to! We all have!

And the lies about what makes you worthy and deserving of love and power have made their way into every cell your body; manifesting as thoughts and behaviours like people-pleasing, perfectionism, leaky boundaries, the imposter syndrome and numbing. And I’m here to remind you of the small (beautiful & brilliant) part of you that knows this is BULLSHIT!

That empty feeling that creeps in when you “should be happy”, that anger and resentment that you “shamefully” direct at people you love … that ache for something more when you ‘should be happy with what you’ve got’ …

It all comes from the lies you’ve been led to believe!

About Me

Your Hot Mess to Awesomeness…Life Coach!

Dionne Thomson Life Coach

I am driven by my belief that every woman can bust through ALL THE BULLSHIT, end the battle with their inner critic and learn to embrace their true fucking awesomeness.

My job is to help YOU to believe in YOU again!

For decades I spent my time and energy (and money) trying to live into society’s shouldy expectations, believing it would somehow make me happy. And it took a series of breakdowns for me to finally bust through all of that.

Now, I believe that our purpose on this planet is to be HAPPY and enjoy life (not beat ourselves up about the past or worry about the future). And through my work as a coach, podcaster, author, artist, and if you ask my clients, “inner critic whisperer”, I inspire busy women to take ownership of their lives and finally turn the volume down on their inner critic and all the lies.

The brave, brilliant women I work with,  have been chalking up how they feel, to not enoughness…

If you’ve ever felt overworked and under appreciated or believed that part of your duty as a woman is to stay put on the back burner of your own life, then it’s time to believe something different.

It’s time to use our collective voice to bust through the shame driven culture we Iive in, write a new chapter for all women and most importantly re-write the narrative for you and the next generation!

Let’s hop on a call and chat about how YOU can build the habit of putting YOU 1st!

“Learning to listen to your inner voice and trusting yourself to know what you want…well, that’s certainly not easy. At least it wasn’t for me. I was constantly hearing my inner voice shouting, yelling all the reasons why I was wrong for thinking/feeling/wanting something.

Dionne taught me how to quiet the shouting and truly listen to my gut. To trust in my own experiences and knowledge, to do the hard stuff (even if it feels and scary) because you know it’s the right thing to do. She helped me to not only learn, but to celebrate my authentic self.”


“Dionne’s genuine approach and the exercises throughout the workshops were insightful and valuable because the questions were direct and the discussions we had in the group, offered a sense of connection.

Ten out of ten times I would recommend Dionne Thomson Coaching Workshops to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and is wanting more out of their lives.”


“Talking to Dionne is easy. With her experience and knowledge I always know that I will get an honest response. She challenged my thinking and helped me to shift my perspective.  I was in a place where I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the roles in my life. I was lost and empty and experiencing anxiety and some signs of depression.  

She was able to connect to where I was in my life and she coached and supported me through my learning, in such a way, where I felt cared for, supported and empowered. I always walk away from our talks feeling inspired and ready to use the do-able strategies she shares with me.”


How I can help you RIGHT NOW!

End the Battle With Your Inner Critic

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You deserve a life where you step unapologetically into your power and are truly F’N HAPPY!

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Inspiring YOU (busy AF super woman) to make being F’N happy a habit! Listen to the Hot Mess to Awesomeness Podcast and discover new solutions to the “shouldy” problems you are facing right now!

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