I SEE YOU busy AF Superwomen

Doing everything you should, keeping everyone happy & using every ounce of energy to keep everything running smoothly. I know you’re hoping that doing EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE will somehow make YOU happy … And like trying to hold sand in your hands, no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to keep it all together! 

Honey that’s because… 

Happiness comes when you

Embrace your Awesomeness &

Build the Habit of Putting YOU 1st!! 


Have you ever said to yourself

“This can not be all there is?”

Life has to be more than just making other people happy?

Denise Thomson 100 women on Fire

End the Battle With Your Inner Critic

Ending the battle with your inner critic, the voice of all of your beliefs fueled by fear, takes COURAGE. It will cause you to look for external validation, try to live up to others expectations rather than your own and lead to you build a habit of saying ‘no’ to yourself.

You deserve to live a life filled with JOY and that comes when you build a habit of listenting to the voice of your highest self (the one fuelled by LOVE).  

Combat Feeling Like You're "Not Enough"

Feeling like you’re “not enough” in any area of your life creates a wave of negative emotions and energy which manifests as anger, frustration and resentment that you project onto the people around you. This brings with it clouds of shame and blame. The only way to end this ‘shame storm’ is to practice compassion and curiosity. This new found courage that comes from taking 100% responsibility for your one precious life can inspire you to redefine the demands of all of your roles, empower you to let go of what no longer serves you and excite you in ways that fear never could!

Be Inspired, Feel Empowered & Get Excited

To bust through your inner critic’s BULLSHIT and learn to flourish as your most authentic and AWESOME self! 

imagine a different life.

Because there is more out there for you.

After working together, you will find the time and energy to do more of what ‘lights you up’, and build the habit of embracing your Awesomeness.

I could tell you all about the ways that I can help you break out of the past and move into the future. But who better to tell you, than women who have experienced working with me first hand… 

Anne Lesperance Realtor

Feel Empowered

Feel empowered, hopeful and aware of your own values so you can access the things you wish to have in your life.

– Anne L, Realtor

Mandy Light

Live Authentically

I am becoming a stronger person who is living more authentically than I can ever remember. And I feel pretty darn good about that!

– Mandy L.

Jess Crossan

healthy boundaries

Reframe your narrative and set healthy boundaries so that you can model a self-compassionate, trusting relationship with yourself for your loved ones who learn from you.

– Jess C. Culinary Nutrition Expert

Holly Bradich

be present

Become more present and able to ‘show up’ in business for your clients, at home for your family and in your friendships.

– Holly B, Functional Nutritionist

How I can help you RIGHT NOW!

End the Battle With Your Inner Critic

life coaching

You deserve a life where you step unapologetically into your power and are truly F’N HAPPY!


The podcast

Be Inspired to make being F’N happy a habit! Listen to the Hot Mess to Awesomeness Podcast and discover new solutions to the “shouldy” problems you are facing right now!

awesome habit building

If you want to change any shitty habit, get good at managing uncertainty or plan to learn anything new, do


i Get it. I’ve been there before.

Meet my inner critic “Bertha”!

Before I had a major breakthrough, made up of a series of breakdowns, I had great anxiety that I couldn’t contain and cope with once I became a mother. Outwardly, my life seemed perfect and spectacular however, my world and my whole sense of self disappeared and no amount of trying to recreate my past could even make a dent in my new life.  

 The “higher self Dionne” was locked up in a box labelled with ‘safety’ and ‘control’ labels. I could control making other people happy, but I couldn’t seem to make myself happy. I was failing miserably at being whoever this new woman was, so the moment I decided to take 100 percent responsibility for my life, everything changed. 

Dionne Thomson Life Coaching Life Coach

I was willing and motivated to do the work and learn to listen to the voice that was fueled by love inside me. Locked in a cinderblock room, the higher Dionne would try to appear occasionally but I could never seem to make her show up. My journey was long and drawn out. Once I took my own transformative journey, I realized I was called to be a life coach and I gave myself permission to want something: helping other women to face the battle with their own inner critic and find happiness. 

Over the last decade, I have met a series of inspirational guides and coaches and sought out books and people who embrace creativity and connection. Through my love of learning, I found ways to integrate all that was coming into my life and fascinated me, to help me carve my own path and align with my fully authentic self.  

As a life coach, I am continuously inspired by brave women willing to embark on their own journey, facing the core fears of change, uncertainty, failure and success. My three core values are love, laughter and learning and I infuse those elements into everything I do. This creates a sense of belonging present in my coaching sessions, and clients often find it’s possible to do what once seemed impossible. To uncover the beautiful parts of themselves that they may have buried.  

end the excuses.

It’s your time.

Do you want to know what clients tell me? After working together, they feel inspired to be their bold selves, to reframe their thoughts, and to unapologetically take action. What does it take to feel this way?

It takes making a commitment to yourself. If you’re thinking you don’t have the money, the time, or the energy for it, I want to ask you a few questions.

What would life be like in 12 months if you didn’t take any action? How much money will you spend to cope with the problem you’re facing? How will that actually feel? Investing in life coaching is positive way to make change that will fulfill you and bring happiness.

It takes time to commit to this kind of work. Breakthroughs don’t happen overnight.

If you were able to open up your schedule and create the time, would this be a ‘yes’ for you? I can help you with managing your time so that you can pursue your desire.

It takes energy to focus on yourself.

What is it that you want? How would you feel if you had that? If you were at the top of your priority list, your cup would be filled first. That means you would have more to give to the people that you want to give to.



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