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Hello Lovely, I’m so happy you dropped by!

I miss pop-ins…you know when friends who would just come over because they knew they’d be welcome no matter what you were wearing (or that you’re webiste is currently under constuction and there’s shit everywhere!) I know you’re here for the good stuff and you can look past the mess! 

I want you to know I GET IT! I’ve been where you are…knowing that you can’t keep going at this pace; non-stop, justifying your busy-ness, feeling the weight of the “shoulds”, feeling under-appreciated, tired of battling your inner critic and needing to numb to “relax”.

You and I both know it’s time to make YOUR HAPPINESS a priority. Don’t know where to start? That’s where I come in, a no bull-shit personal coach and guide to help you go from feeling like a hot shouldy mess to igniting your F’N AWESOMENESS!

Imagine actually believing that your happiness is NOT measured by who else is happy and being excited about something that’s JUST FOR YOU. Imagine not worrying about your shouldy to-do list or who might be put out or inconvenienced by you putting yourself first!

It’s time to believe in and own your F’N AWESOMENESS! I can help! Book your Discovery Call today and figure out how you can create the LIFE YOU WANT NOW (not one you feel like you need to escape from) and finally BE F’N HAPPY!

Let’s do this! 

Dionne’s Spark Sessions helped me tremendeously when it came to figuring out what it was I wanted from my future. The exercises throughout the workshops were insightful and valuable. 10 out of 10 times I would recommend Dionne Thomson to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and is wanting more out of their lives.”

~ Dani ~

The Hot Mess to Awesomeness:  Guide to Being F’N Happy

The 3 Step Values Assessment: Make you a Priority

“When I met Dionne I felt an instant connection. When her Spark Sessions were introduced I registered right away. I saw this as my opportunity to get inside myself and she provided me the tools to look within, to flesh out the old and battered business, to reframe the negative and rejoice in my “me-ness”.

The best thing I have done for myself for a LONG time”


“The first time I met Dionne Thomson I was going through a serious period of self-doubt at that time and even though we had just met, I told her my life story. She pulled herself away from a family event to reply to me right away. Dionne has a way of speaking to each and every person she meets in such a way that they feel truly HEARD. (A feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time.) If you get a chance to work with Dionne you should! She has transformed my life in so many ways. My confidence has exploded and my personal (& business) life are so much better as a result.

GO! Have a conversation with Dionne – it will change your life too!”