Here is what I know…

And what I want to share with all the women out there already feeling overwhelmed by “all the things” we’re NOT doing during these uncertain times!

During times of uncertainty

We rely heavily on our habits in order to have the “bandwidth” to manage all new info, thoughts and feelings being thrown at us (the fixers, savers, caregivers of the world)!

And PS any shift/addition to routines and schedules, (which are often already ram-packed) can cause similar feelings…Times such as summer break with the kids and the month before Xmas…times in our lives where we feel we should keep doing everything we’ve always done AND also handle all the added expectations, activities, people, change, fear, stress…it’s fucking exhausting!

Right now we have a chance to sit and take this all in, the chance to decide where we will allocate our resources and do the one thing our our to-do lists that has been getting forgotten…slow the F down!

What often happens

When we get thrown curve balls such as the times we are living in, we get defensive and do what we can to stand firm in what “feels” normal.

One way to alleviate this stress is to simply shift the “what” you do, so that you can continue to feel like yourself…The key is to make small shifts to how you fill your time. Choose activities that align with how you want to show up in the world, take on tasks that align with your values and your vision for your future, do things that feel like what you would normally be doing.

What we are experiencing is not our “forever state”…these times will end and when they do, if you choose to focus on what you CAN do, you’ll be better prepared to step into our new world with love, compassion, curiosity and calm.

For those of us who move a mile a minute, those if us who manage 1000 things simultaneously with both hands moving in different directions, this time can feel like a supreme upheaval…And by choosing to see things differently, deciding to to shift our perspective just slightly, we can see that we’ve been given a gift…the chance to slow down, get clear on what matters most and the chance to strengthen and build ourselves up.

You may find that it’s uncomfortable to adopt new routines

(Even if they are filled with self-care)

That discomfort is the feeling you experience when you are challenged to learn… And for many of us having our model of the world challenged, can incite fear. And that fear manifests as anger…but choosing anger won’t help you to feel “normal”, won’t change what we’re all going through and will NOT give you the peace of mind you are seeking.

Looking at your current habits, daily routines and making small shifts to what you do everyday so that you can do them through the lens of social distancing can help you to release yourself from the discomfort of change.

One thing you can do …

Write out, now, your regular schedule then change out what you can no longer do due to social distancing, and replace it with activities that fit into the time frame and offer you a similar feeling or outcome.

For example…

🚗During the time you would usually commute to work, crank the tunes, drink your coffee out of your travel mug and plan your day in your head. You could even hop in your car and go for a drive or take a walk around the block.
🗣During the time that you would normally have that morning chat with your co-workers, hop on a zoom call or phone a friend and have that daily chat that you’re used to.
When it’s time to work, sit down and work…perhaps instead of stocking shelves or working on reports or serving customers you work around the house, on you, at slowing down…The choice is yours.

And at the end of the day take advantage of every opportunity to hug your kid, your dog, your cat (if it will let you) and your AWESOME self!

You can do this!

Decide that you will work with your current habits and behaviours to help create minutes, days, weeks that feel “normal” and move you closer to the person you want to be when this comes to an end.

You’re not alone my friend

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See you soon my friend!!