I get it…

The weight of the shoulds is really f’n heavy right now…if you’re like me, your head is filled with opinions, facts, fiction and the (weird) idea that come Saturday, simply because we’ll be writing 22 instead of 21, things will magically be different…stuck between “Bring it on!” and “a nap sounds good right about now!”

Last week I was watching a Christmas Carol and when Jacob Marley came on the screen wearing all of those chains, I said “I know what that feels like!”

For years I’ve been carrying around the weight of every should that has been thrown at me…Recently I picked up some new ones and added them to the doozies that have been around for longer than I can remember.

And now as we settle in to this weird time between Xmas and New Years you might find yourself wondering how to release yourself from the weight and bullshit that comes with the stress of being in survival mode and what you’ll choose to take with you into 2022.

This is NOT about resolutions…fuck that…it’s about honouring exactly where you are and choosing to do the next right thing. It’s about figuring out what is actually good for your soul. It’s about busting through the bull shit stories your inner critic would have you believe and focusing all of your attention on loving yourself instead.

I get it…simple not easy.

Start with the decision to put YOU 1st! Tonight, as you cross the line between 2021 and 2022, remember that you get to decide what you bring with you. Choose thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that are good for your soul!

You’ve Got This + I’ve Got You!