Sandy had no idea that attending an online networking event last summer would lead to self-discovery that some people never experience in a lifetime. She was hoping to enjoy an evening meeting like-minded professional women, but she didn’t count on meeting the one person who would help her see herself in a completely new and loving light. 

Dionne Thomson, a life coach from Midland, Ontario, was at that meeting and when Sandy chatted with her, there was an instant draw between them. Dionne was welcoming and very friendly – Sandy just knew she had to follow up with a free coaching consultation call. She had never in her life imagined having a coach and had never looked into it, but because of Dionne’s ability to make her feel extremely comfortable and open, she decided she was all in. 

You Never Know What you’ll Get

“I knew I was lacking something in my life, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. I had absolutely no idea what results I wanted from coaching,” says Sandy. She knew Dionne was warm and inviting, like a best friend. She wanted to feel more of that. “I could sense she had the tools I needed to feel positive and could help me come to the point where I would know what I was looking for.” 

“People would normally think I had it all together, but I wasn’t happy with or proud of myself on the inside. Dionne helped me realize I really am an awesome human being and that I can love myself without feeling selfish for doing so. She helped me embrace all of the things I had accomplished and recognize that I could be proud of my achievements. I started trying things I never would have imagined I would have done.”

The biggest step Sandy took initially was to start a podcast – something she had never imagined in her wildest dreams she could do! 

“I didn’t want to talk about myself, seem self-centred or to draw negative attention to my past. Dionne helped me see that my stories could help others. That it is okay to be vulnerable and take a chance at doing what I really wanted to. She gave me the tools to take down the wall I had between me and the world,” says Sandy.

The Friend I Wish I’d Had

Sandy’s podcast “The Friend I Wish I Had” discusses her 17 year addiction, which she had kept secret for years, even after several years of sobriety. In it, she focuses on being a mother and an addict –  which she expresses is a very shameful, isolating place at times. In spite of her accomplishments, like a college diploma, four children and two degrees, Sandy carried guilt, fear and worries of judgement for years. Through working with a life coach like Dionne she has let that go. She has become the friend she wishes she had to herself…and to others. 

Her breakthrough moment? When Dionne declared she was ‘fucking awesome’! Sandy felt released from her lifelong story of only being an addict and felt the freedom to rewrite her own narrative as they peeled back layers of self-limiting thoughts. “It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders when I realized there is so much more to me!” exclaims Sandy.

“Dionne has a dynamic personality, and is so inviting. She knows what she is talking about – she is so prepared! I am impressed with how research-based her approach is and she is transparent, sharing her resources to help you find your own way. And, no matter what you throw at her, she can help you reframe things and to discover how amazing you truly are,” says Sandy. 

“My advice to others who are curious to try coaching is to not try to label what it is to work with Dionne. She was more than a life coach: a friend, a confidant, someone who could listen to what my soul was saying when the words just wouldn’t come out!”

Sandy Falcon is a master of Social Justice student, a mother and podcaster. You can follow her @thefriendIwishIhad and find more links to her content at .

I Want That!

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