“To be successful you must be constantly working”

At the age of 24, while making 6 figures and living her “dream life”, my guest Danielle Paulo believed with every ounce of her being that working nons-top was they only way to the top. But the dream she was living was actually a nightmare.

Everything that was supposed to make her happy, was in fact creating dis-ease in her body and in every area of her life!

Her success was stuck in a no-win situation…

“Stay in the successful job, no matter how unhappy I get, or leave behind everything I’d ever known in the search for freedom!”

The battle between what she thought she should do and what she wanted more of in her life, raged for years… that was until the death of her mother.

Immersed in grief, confusion and overwhelm, Danielle decided that she could no longer live her life through or for anyone else, and that the only person who could truly make her happy was her!


She didn’t ask for permission or approval. 

She just left everything behind. She quit her job, and said no to every toxic environment that thrived on her unhappiness.

 In her words…

“I put work and my success before everything, but I didn’t think that was a problem until I noticed that it was affecting everything in my life. My relationship, my friendships, I wasn’t seeing my family. I chose work over the people that I love. I chose work over a long term boyfriend. I chose work over going to the hospital to see my mom when she was sick.

 And the funny thing is, I felt like I had no choice. I felt really guilty if I wasn’t working. Because I worked so hard to get where I was in my career and I felt like at any given moment, I could lose it.

It wasn’t until my mom passed that I was like… This can not be my life!”

It took years to unravel the effects of burnout and the beliefs that led Danielle down that path to unhealthy success. And in that time, she found her freedom, launched a marketing agency that fully aligns with her values, built an all female-identified team and committed to serving her female, immigrant, POC community, by helping small business owners to live their most aligned and freedom filled lives!

Danielle is an amazing young woman with a powerful and impactful vision. She’s ready and excited to help women to break the glass ceilings that are holding them hostage so they too can find authentic success! And I’M HERE FOR IT!

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You hope that doing ‘all the things’ will make somehow YOU happy. And you feel like you’re just one Hot Mess away from losing your shit…

I’ve got a few little truthbombs for ya…

  • You are NOT here to be like everyone else.
  • You are NOT here for anyone else.
  • You are here to be seen, valued and celebrated for the unique F’N awesome human that you are! 

You’ve struggled with feeling stuck, frustrated, resentful & angry long enough. It’s time to stop letting your past dictate your future.

Get excited to get out of your own way and be inspired to go from Hot Mess to Awesomeness!

Dionne Thomson Life Coach