Art, motherhood & burnout:

A unique journey & unifying human experience.

Camille Myles is a French-Canadian multi-disciplinary contemporary artist, conservation activist and mom of 3, exploring imagery through portraiture rooted in gender roles, identity, motherhood and the environment. She creates inspiring art that tells a story linked to childhood, self-reflection and our impact on this world.

From Fractured to Whole

Trained classically in fine arts, archaeology and conservation she is constantly re-imagining herself and pushing her own boundaries. She pursued an engaging career as an archeologist in England, was a conservation professional in Rome and Park Superintendent of Georgian Bay Islands National Park all before committing 100% of her time and energy to her family and her art.

In this jam-packed podcast episode she explores how her journey from Masters student through to the conservation of historical landscapes led her to the creation of humans, followed by a deep dive into the pit of burnout and back to her true calling; self-reflection and creative expression as a form of community building and heart-led communication.

Taking ‘Just a Moment’

In the last few years she has created murals & large-scale public art sculptures, shared her work in art residencies and done a number of brilliant solo exhibitions. More recently she’s been showcasing her powerfully moving ‘Just a Moment’ social art exhibit in partnership with galleries all over the world and local mental health organizations.

Inspired by her own struggle to stave off burnout and her desire to stay grounded while working full time and parenting small children through the pandemic, ‘Just a Moment’ was brought to life when she invited other mothers to take ‘just a moment’ for themselves in a safe place, close their eyes and take a selfie for her.

Through the 100s of photos she received and short writings that accompanied each image, she created a series of powerful pieces that speak to the uniqueness of each person’s journey and the shared human experience of motherhood.

Comfortable being Uncomfortable

What amazes me most about this conversation is the ease Camille now has with being uncomfortable. And more importantly that she has found a brilliant way to share what she has learned about burnout and creative growth by helping women everywhere to get better at being comfortable with being a messy beginner.

Through her art and community partnerships she teaches that it is our willingness to trust ourselves in the (hot mess) moments of uncertainty that lead to our greatest experiences of life.

Whether you consider yourself an artist, a creative or neither, whether you’re a mother of children or are in the process of bringing any project, passion or creation to life, Camille’s message of self-love and the power of self-reflection is for everyone.

Experience her ‘Just a Moment’ exhibit first hand

Join me at her free community art event and family workshop on July 13th. Held at the Chigamik Community Health Centre in Midland, ON 5-7pm


Get full access to all of Camille’s brilliant work!



You hope that doing ‘all the things’ will make somehow YOU happy. And you feel like you’re just one Hot Mess away from losing your shit…

I’ve got a few little truthbombs for ya…

  • You are NOT here to be like everyone else.
  • You are NOT here for anyone else.
  • You are here to be seen, valued and celebrated for the unique F’N awesome human that you are! 

You’ve struggled with feeling stuck, frustrated, resentful & angry long enough. It’s time to stop letting your past dictate your future.

Get excited to get out of your own way and be inspired to go from Hot Mess to Awesomeness!

Dionne Thomson Life Coach