Inspirational Cards – Set of 10


  1. Select 10 cards from the 100+ options using The Handlettered Card Options Guide (download to view)
  2. Decide on the total number of sets you’d like to purchase
  3. In the ORDER NOTES section on the Checkout Page, list all the card options you’d like (including the quantity) using the product number located beneath each option.

** Prior to shipping, you will receive an email to confirm your selections.


Create your set of Inspirational Cards

Each of these beautifully handlettered cards comes with an envelope and is blank inside, ready for your kind, generous, uplifting or wild and crazy words!

To create your own set of 10 inspirational cards:

  1. Select the number of sets you'd like (10 cards per set)
  2. Download and review the 100+ options Handlettered Cards Options Guide
  3. Then in the ORDER NOTES section of the Checkout Page simply list the Option number of the cards you'd like, along with the quantity of each (total to match the total number of cards ordered). You will receive an email confirming your order prior to shipping.


Card Dimensions:

4.25" X 5.5"