AWESOME Journal Cover


When you use this beautiful journal cover you create a consistent “place” to write, and a visual anchor, which is crucial element to developing your journaling habit.


These beautiful leather journal covers are being offered in collaboration with Marnie & Michael, a social enterprise – marrying the founder’s (Jennifer St. John) love of being creative in designing and producing leather bags with her mission to start a mental health initiative to support those who are loving someone through a mental health challenge. In a very short time, Jennifer has built a online community alongside her leather goods business and supports people all over the world who are working through mental health issues and loving others who are struggling! Proceeds from all the sales of this Journal Cover go directly to support mental health initiatives in our community and around the globe! 

When you purchase your AWESOME Journal Cover you will make it possible for others in need to build their habit of Being AWESOME! 


Dark Brown Leather

6.25″ X 9″