Inspirational Journal


Whether you’re new to journaling or have been doing it off and on for years, this inspirational journal, with handlettered art (done by yours truly) and ass-kicking reminders of your awesomeness on almost every page, will guide you through every Hot Mess to Awesomeness moment!


You're not here to be like everyone else...or for anyone else! You're here to be seen, valued & celebrated. Now after years of struggling, journaling is the key to unlocking (and helping you believe in) your unique awesomeness!

Have you been saying, for way too long, "I should journal more but..."?

Maybe you struggle with what to write or finding the time. Maybe, not doing it "right" has kept you from diving in or every time you sit down, life gets in the way. Maybe you've tried a bunch of times and no matter what you do it just doesn't seem to work for you.

"Journaling helps you to (re)build a trusting relationship with yourself, leading to more confidence, happiness and resilience!"

Even though you're busy AF, you can build a journaling habit that'll reduce your stress, increase your confidence and most importantly help you (re)build a trusting relationship with yourself, without all the shoulding. It's true and it doesn't have to be hard!

You've struggled with feeling stuck, frustrated, resentful & angry long enough. Stop letting your past dictate your future. Get excited about journaling and be inspired to go from Hot Mess to Awesomeness!


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