The day before we recorded this episode Heather shared this breakthrough experience …

“I had an epiphany yesterday, which I am sure will come up tomorrow. Just to share briefly, I am feeling raw and vulnerable lately, so I think doing this with you tomorrow will be wonderful and healing. There is SO much happening energetically, and many people I’ve spoken to are feeling many emotions and heaviness. While laying in bed last night, after spending most of the day crying, I thought to myself “am I having a break-down?” And then in my head I heard “You are breaking open…this is a breakthrough experience.”

And that right there – was so powerful and resonated in my whole being. The whole concept of breaking open – super uncomfortable while in the thick of it! But trusting the process and knowing things will become clearer on the other side of it.  Anyhoo – I just needed to share that!”

I read it and allowed her thoughts and energy to sink in. I too had been feeling a massive energy shift, I sensed a breakthrough experience on my horizon.

And then we had a shared energetic breakthrough experience! 

The moment we started the pre-recording dance party something, that I call a shared energetic experience, began to unfold. Beyond words, Heather and I were aligned in a way that I believe in and can not fully explain. 

When you listen, if you’re willing, feel into the experience, tap into your own knowing and tune in to the energy of Heather’s story. 

A glimpse at what she shared…

Heather is now an empath on a mission to help other souls to break free from the many preconceived limitations, (set either by ourselves or societal pressures) so that we can live as authentically as possible. 

Before her breakthrough experience

Like so many women, she didn’t know how to truly listen to herself and trust herself enough to take action that was FOR her. She was in pain, living a life riddled with shame, hair loss and dis-ease! 

Not until experiencing the quiet of nature with souls who truly saw her, did she finally figure out that listening to her intuition was the only way she would survive this breakdown.

Have your own breakthrough experience

If you’re willing to listen with your body and do what Heather has done (and now teaches others to do); allow yourself to breathe into her words and find yourself as she shares her soul-journey experience. Walk with her through what it was like to release what no longer served her, and perhaps you too can make room for what matters most and your own breakthrough!

Connect with Heather on IG @soulsessions.energyhealing

Heather’s Dance Party Tunes!

1 – Lean On Me – ArtistsCAN

2 – Titanium – David Guetta featuring Sia

3 – The Greatest Show – The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

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