What makes women Unique Unicorns of Awesomeness

Amanda Gobatto, known to her clients and friends as a unique unicorn of awesomeness, is back for her second episode of the podcast. Since her first last appearance on the podcast, in the Spring of 2020, she, like most of us, has been riding a non-stop hot mess roller coaster. And throughout this talk we unpack what has carried her through; specifically how she leaned into the idea of flourishing (over languishing) her willingness to embrace her values & why it’s so important to celebrate what makes us unique. What impressed me the most is how she has been able to amplify her learning & growth, (while still in the thick of things) by sharing her flourishing skills with others!

What’s unique about this conversation

What I absolutely loved and am so grateful for is how easily it was for Amanda to share her story and weave together the personal, professional, heartfelt and hilarious moments of her life. She has a gift for sharing her wisdom in a way that allows the listener to feel, seen supported and captivated at the same time. The big aha moments for me came when she dove into…

  1. The power of knowing & trusting yourself
  2. The insidiousness of the imposter syndrome
  3. How deep the hot mess pit can feel &
  4. The importance of staying grounded.

Her unique perspective

Throughout her life (as a Manifesting-Generator for those who are interested in Human Design) Amanda has explored and flourished in a number of unique business ventures. More recently, she has been using her flourishing skills to manifest and generate an amazing community with her business Digital Girl Consulting, last month she launched her own podcast for Heartledpreneurs and through it all models how important it is to reflect and realign regularly in business and in life.

She shared that by keeping her ‘flashlight of awareness’ of what truly matters, even when what lurked in the dark felt like it would swallow her up, she learned how to persevere, embrace her values, own her uniqueness and find the courage to step through the fire of some pretty profound experiences.

Embrace what makes you unique!

The glorious impact of embracing what makes you unique, comes from taking the time to “fill your cup first” but instead of going through the process of emptying and refilling,  when you focus on giving only from what overflows, not what’s inside the cup, you can create a state of perpetual growth and expansion.

Keeping your attention on what fills you up and allowing what spills out to be taken in by those around you creates a win-win state; you stay fulfilled, they get to benefit from your high vibe state. Ultimately, if they choose to, they can learn how to do the same for themselves.

What really speaks to me is the potential global impact

When more of us adopt this way of viewing ourselves, (and the world around us) and shift away from the win-lose mentality perpetuated by patriarchal ideals, generations of souls can then be empowered to love their unique gifts and learn to celebrate the uniqueness of others.

In doing so there is a greater chance that they’ll amplify and expand into a deeper sense of authentic connections and belonging, leading to less pain, shame and suffering. Yes f#cking please!

Tribe of Unique Unicorns

Amanda is a brilliant woman and what I love most about this talk is how she modelled, for all us busy women, that the magic, the art, the science of flourishing is experienced when we embrace what makes us unique! She is a unique unicorn of awesomeness and her energy, passion and willingness to share what it’s really like to go from hot mess to awesomeness is a beautiful reminder of what every woman is capable of!

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Amanda’s Dance Party Songs!

  1. Unstoppable – Sia
  2. Raise Your Glass – Pink
  3. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

I see you…

Doing everything you should, keeping everyone happy & using every ounce of energy to keep everything running smoothly. I know you’re hoping that doing everything for everyone will somehow make YOU happy …

But honey I need you to know that happiness does NOT come from putting others needs before yours…it comes when you embrace your AWESOMENESS and build the habit of putting YOU 1ST!

It’s Time…

Get Inspired, Empowered & Excited to Embrace your F’N AWESOMENSS! 


Dionne Thomson Life Coach