Courage: saying no to something you love when it doesn’t love you back

What would you do if the job you loved made it impossible to take part in special family activities, like your child’s first day of school? Would you have the courage to leave it?

No matter how great the job is…there comes a point when you have find the courage to question how you want to spend the precious moments of your life. The toughest decisions we make are often between the good we have and the great we could have. And it requires that we, sometimes for the first time, courageously dig deep into our values and get super clear on what really matters most.

Have you noticed that the safety of some careers, makes it possible to skate through a good life without having to really question why we do what we do?

Many are lucky enough to embark on the “good on paper” path when we’re young and some get to reap the benefits that that path offers us…And for many it takes a crisis of mind, body or spirit to expand our awareness and see that the “good life” we said yes to, has been keeping us from an absolutely GREAT one!

The courage to say “I want more than good enough”

My guest Elesha experienced that moment of existential crisis – courage after suffering a concussion. She spent years trying to make it all work and she realized that her good life was no longer good enough.

Tired of missing out on the day-to-day joys of her family, and no longer feeling the excitement and love for her teaching life; both her and her husband decided to leave the security of their teaching careers to follow their passion for health and wellness.

Saying yes can be scary  & 100% worth it!

Each uniquely created businesses that are flourishing due to their commitment to inspiring, empowering and educating others to step beyond the social conventions, into their most optimal lives!

Her courageous Hot Mess to Awesomeness journey landed her in some deep pits of uncertainty and through it all she trusted herself enough to continue to lean into what felt right and learned that her success, and ability to embrace her awesomeness, came directly from the strong relationships she built with her family and most importantly, the courage to put herself first!

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Elesha’s Dance Party Tunes:

  1. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
  2. Confident – Demi Lovato
  3. Happy – Pharrell Williams

Hey there Busy AF Superwoman!!! 

It’s time for you to re-write your story and embrace your F’N Awesomeness! 

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