She spent years living in burnout! 

Denise describes her years living in burnout as ‘go-go-go-colapse-repeat’. And when she finally decided to break free from this extremely unhealthy lifestyle, she realized that busy women like her needed a place where they could test out different ways to relax, practice at their own pace and feel supported through it all.

What she learned about burnout

She openly speaks about her journey and how she finally came to understand how the mindset and patterns that manifest after years of living inside a system that perpetuates the the burnout cycle, prevent so many women from learning how to truly relax. 

A mindset is ultimately the framework on which you build your personal reality. And those (of us) who operated for decades with personal realities built on beliefs that link productivity directly with personal value, alongside a culture that uses shame-based tactics to keep most folk, especially women, from deep self-love and success, are left feeling stuck and unable to truly step into their power.

Be inspired to break your burnout cycle. 

It takes courage to turn your nose up to years of conditioning about how to achieve success! And unfortunately, because the lack of people in our lives modelling true relaxation and nervous system regulation, most of us trying to jump off the burnout wheel have some pretty warped beliefs about how quickly ‘relaxation’ is supposed to happen.

The reality is that to break the habit of being burnt out, to really learn how to relax, you need to be courageous enough to see the world in a whole new way! 

And that kind of shift requires you to embrace being a beginner, to be willing to do things imperfectly and to push beyond the need for immediate results.

Burnout or Relaxation: What you practice you get good at!

Whether you’re currently suffering from burnout, trying to stave it off or have been down the burnout path one too many times, brilliant space’s like Denise’s Relaxation Lounge, are a great place to practice relaxing and build the habit of putting you first! 

Check out Denise’s quiz to see if you are living a burnout or balanced lifestyle – where do you rank?

Denise’s Dance Party Songs!

  1. Mick Jagger – She Was Hot

  2. Madonna – 4 Minutes 

  3. Amy MacDonald – Woman of the World

If you’re…

Doing everything, keeping everyone happy & using all your energy just to make it to tomorrow’s to-do list! 

If you’re hoping that some day doing ‘all the things’ will make YOU happy, and it feels like you’re just one Hot Mess away from losing your shit…

I’ve got a few little truthbombs for ya…

  • You are NOT here to be like everyone else.
  • You are NOT here for anyone else.
  • You are here to be seen & valued just as you are! 

Say goodbye to the anger, frustration and resentment that is weighing you down…

Dionne Thomson Life Coach