I don’t always know what to create.

However I do know how I feel…Grateful.

Grateful for the light bringers in my life who remind me to be…to be me, to be authentic, to be vulnerable, to be courageously afraid and encourage me to be a light bringer.

I am so grateful for every moment I get to spend being happy and attribute that to my light bringers.

Being in the state of joy brought about and enhanced by the magic makers around me, looks bold, feels strong (and may sound a bit far-fetched). Knowing this joy and sensing its power is grounding, like the roots of an unwavering tree, such that the push and pull of life causes me to go deeper and get stronger.

I can easily get lost in the everyday and being in a state of joy helps me to pause and reflect on the precious moments of my life; the brilliance of my children’s eyes, the warmth of my husband’s arms, the beauty of a snowfall and the privilege to breathe in and out everyday.

What I want to say, out loud, is that today…

I have chosen to be grateful, decided to rest comfortably in my state of joy and

I wish to invite the world to join me.

How do you cultivate joy?

I believe, with all my heart, that by honouring our creative selves we create the fertile ground where joy can live. We are born curious and creative. We are born explorers and all too often we become trapped in a world outside of ourselves; a world that is viscerally uncomfortable. Many of us learn how to manage the discomfort of life by applying structure and rigidity. In doing so we make ourselves believe that we are in control of our world and we fight vehemently to maintain control and this exhausts us, leaving no time for the energy necessary to be present.

We fight change, we discourage messiness, we abhor disorder and see artists, and innovators as unicorns – glowing, energized, majestic and totally unrealistic!

When was the last time you said “I am not creative”

…no seriously think about it…

last week, yesterday…5 minutes ago?

For more than half of my life, I not only believed I wasn’t creative, I stifled every moment that my soul tried to convince me that I was. And during those years I yearned for joy that always seemed beyond my reach. There was a time, before I lost myself to the safe “pain-free” world of perfectionism, when I wrote poetry and sketched drawings of unique and beautiful furniture. When I read intensely and traveled to the dream world, created by my imagination…then the storm hit and I my creativity left me.

You can not be both scientist and artist.

You can not be both organized and creative .

You can not be both productive and relaxed.

You can not be both in control and open to whimsy.

You can not be both listening and heard.

You can not be both… you must choose.

To survive you must … divide, separate, fragment, compartmentalize.

Follow the compartmentalized masses,  push your creativity down, so that you no longer recognize yourself, your pain, your joy.

Do as we do…(for it is all we know)

…good girl.

Sound…feel… familiar?

Where do we go from here? How do we de-compartmentalize?

How do we live undivided, together, whole?

Joy is the foundation, the vehicle, the arena, where happiness thrives and it is only visible to those who move through their pain and pull themselves back together. Pushing pain aside to manage the everyday is a band-aid solution and is not what actually heals. We must bravely heal ourselves. We must flood our wounds with immunoglobulins and antibodies. We must bathe the gashes in regenerative energy and send them all of our resources. When the wounds are healed we will be stronger.

The areas of ourselves, once torn and alone will now wield an unknown yet familiar superpower… a glimpse at wholeness…hope.

Our bodies, our minds, are meant to create, to grow, to thrive. Creativity is an emotional process fed by hope. Hope that there is more beauty to be seen, more silence to be heard, more love to be felt and more joy to be experienced. It connects with the essence of who we are, what we are and why we are.

To live creatively, in a state of joy, is not flighty blissful ignorance…just the opposite, it is intuitive, insightful knowing that we are powerful and purposeful beings.

Find your light bringers… better still, strive to be a radiant light bringer. I am grateful for the all my light bringers, who show up in my life when I need to show up in my life, and hold the space for me as I get curious, explore and create the glorious world around me. Together we create…science and art…joy, wholeness and light.

Sending you an endless supply of light bringers!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

P.S. Love to hear about how you currently (or would like to) tap into your creative energy…connect with me here or email me directly dionne@dionnethomson.com