I almost didn’t write this post…because today was a great mommy day. It started with waking up to no children because they slept over at Nana and Grammy’s, (yes…I know how lucky I am) then I spent the morning with coffee, my journal, a trip to the gym and some quality time with my hubby! I happily picked up my girls around lunch time with the full intention of writing this post in the brief hours of the afternoon when the girls would be happy to entertain themselves before dinner. However that isn’t exactly what happened…

The weather finally turned wintery today, blowing snow, icy roads and a chill that reminded me to put my toque on!

And when I picked up my cute and cuddly children all I could envision for my day was cozy cuddles on the couch…I was torn! On the 20 minute drive home from Nana’s, while watching the snow blow the trees sideways, I turned down the music so that I could hear my girls explore the wonder of winter as it unfolded all around them. I knew that this would be the perfect day to put up the Christmas decorations and officially ring in the new season!

We had the best time pulling out the ornaments and giggling about the hand-made snowmen and lovingly placed the antiques on sparse and bent branches of our old fake tree. For the first time both girls are old enough to sort through to find their favorites and independently put them on…(yes I still put the breakable ones at the top :)) They handed each other ornaments, they brought some to me so that I could “get a turn”. They stood back and admired our work and when we were done they were proud that we did it together.

fullsizerenderNo seriously, they hugged each other, smiled at the tree and cheered

“Look what we did! Look at our pretty tree!”

As I sat and watched this tradition develop in front of me, I knew that I could postpone this post until later…I love you guys, I love sharing myself with you and I know you will afford me the time to BE with my children as their minds explore the richness of the holidays and root love and happiness deep into our family traditions.

Of course the blog can wait…kids don’t.

Hubby came home, brought dinner…(Keg take-out! Awesome) and as I finished up my meal, I reviewed in my mind what I had planned to write for you today…(I had intended on letting you all in on a parenting win moment that Dave and I recently had.) I got up to put my plate in the dishwasher…the crazy winter wind howled and then…the power went out! I peeked out the window…yep all the neighbours houses were dark…no street lights…power officially out!

So much for my blog, Sunday night football, and Bubble Guppies!

Dave and I settled in on the couch (phones in hand) checked Twitter, texted friends and family trying to get an idea of the cause, extent and likely timeline of our disconnect. The girls instantly took the opportunity to grab their flashlights and play “monster” through every inch of the darkness.

It wasn’t long before we joined in and we were all

laughing like 5 year olds!

That was to be the end of my evening, my (early) bedtime was quickly rolling in (remember I get up at 4:30am!) so I figured that this post would have to wait until another day and then shortly after getting in my jams and brushing my teeth…power!

So here I am happy to share with you this quick story of how life happily happens. How, when given the choice, I will always choose to be a part of my children’s joy. Short and sweet.

I hope that you have had a warm and wonderful week…

 I will share with you the post I had planned…if you liked this one I think you’ll like it 🙂 

Talk soon!!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

P.S. I am really looking forward to ramping things up over the holidays…look for my upcoming e-book in January!