Do you sometimes feel stuck, unsure, and a bit jealous of all the people out there doing it, really doing something with their lives, taking risks, being happy?

I know I did. When it got bad, I mean like sit on the couch in the dark feeling sorry for myself bad, I would numb myself with whatever was within arms length…mindless TV, social media, gossip, food, booze. Then, when the pain got to be much to handle and I thought that I might really lose it…

I was given a gift and I woke up.

While in the throes of blaming others for the state of my existence, the universe granted me some time away from the shit I had created. There, one huge step away from my regular life, I realized that if I wanted more out of my life I had to put more into it.

I came across the right books, the right gurus and the right podcasts (I say came across…serendipity more like it or simply an awakening to exactly what I needed). I had the luxury of having 7 weeks away from work and extra people in my home to help out.

Then, when the stars had begun to align, I started (the arduous and necessary journey) to take 100% responsibility for my life. And for the first time (ever) I recognized that I had the power to create the amazing life I thought only other people lived, the life I had always been (and never knew I was) dreaming about!

Yes the all the things I needed appeared to come together however, it all started with one decision.

I decided that I could no longer stand the pain of my choices and had to take serious (and new) measures to change my life. I wanted the life others appeared to have and I decided that I had waited long enough for someone to hand it to me. And the one way I could really start to shift my experience from shitty to something better was to take responsibility for the role I played.

I believe it was that decision that led me to every thing I needed to make all the necessary changes to get me from stuck to start.

One decision that led to a series of others, all leading me back home to my Self.

What is one thing you could take responsibility for?

One thing, that if you were able to change it, your entire world would shift?

(Something that you have, for a very long time, felt was “out of your control”.)


This act of taking responsibility is not about placing blame or accepting blame it is about honoring the power you have to change your experience in the world.

Today is the perfect day to decide that you have had enough with blaming everyone & everything. Time to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions and start being the person you wish you were!

Wondering what will happen when you take responsibility? Dionne Thomson is an Elements of Authenticity expert and Type E Woman Specialist who knows first hand the power of taking responsibility!

You are not alone. There are others, like you, who have always sensed that there is something, a power waiting to get out. And like you, they are afraid to show it. Afraid of where that power will lead them. You are a good girl, I get that. You have always done what you are supposed to do and the idea of stepping out and wielding your power incites doubt and a sense of uncertainty, that you are convinced, no one would understand.

I understand, I was you…I am you. 

The fear of uncertainty and the doubt of possible success will continue to arise within those of us with unsung gifts that are longing to be shared with the world. Those of us who are brilliant  and powerful in ways we can’t acknowledge openly. We hear whispers of our greatness in our dreams and we are quick to tune out the voice of our inner truth…fearful that we will step out of the role we have been told is the correct one.

You are not alone and there are places and people throughout the universe that are eager to meet you (which btw, includes you). We are enough and worth the time and energy we put into becoming our best and most authentic selves.

You are enough. You are worth it.

I know you need a safe place to acknowledge your fears, to let go of what has been holding you back and afford you the time to enlighten the world with your brilliance.  Join us, we are women like you facing our fears, changing our lives and giving our brilliance the space it needs to impact the world.

Step into your Element.

It is your time.


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!