As the year winds down and I along with it I have decided to take a small break from writing so that I may focus on reflecting, reconnecting and recreating myself! I will be putting all of my energy into recharging myself and spending time with my family and friends. I will return on January 1st, 2017!

I will need my energy…

2017 is going to be HUGE!!!

I have big plans for the New Year…watch for

  • The official launch of my e-book (which will be free by the way!!) January 1st

  • Your chance to sign up for my Newsletter…REAL Success on January 1st

(I am giving away some free stuff when you sign up so be sure to check it out!!)

  • Coaching packages will be available as of January 9th

(little secret… most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions after 17 days…

let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you!)

Am I the coach for you?…space is limited…message me HERE if you are interested in booking a 15 minute complimentary call!!

Later in the year you can expect…

  • Another e-book with tips and strategies to help you achieve your magnificence!

  • The long-awaited launch of my Podcast When Art Meets Science!

  • Your chance to hear me live!

  • And soooooo much more!!!

Wow…that’s a lot of shit…I gotta go!!!

See you in the New Year!


All good things are rooted in love, and learning!