So recently I was casually told, by a women I had been working with (talking to, engaging with, sharing insights with) that she sot out another coach for supports she thought I didn’t offer … which I do. We discovered in our conversation that she had NO idea that I offered the coaching services she needed because…well… I never mentioned it.

It was like a punch to the gut. 

The coach she is now working with is a friend and I know she is in good hands. And yet I sat there for a moment in shock as she told me about how excited she was for the results I know she will get, thinking “Well shit…”

It was a HUGE learning moment for me. A massive eye-opener and because she is a friend I mentioned how much I appreciated and was happy to hear from her that there was such a big gap in my process.

Yes I offer workshops and classes. Yes I engage in reflective coaching conversations daily. And what I have not been doing is letting people know that I have the tools and strategies to help them get the results they want. I am not simply a vessel of vast amounts of information, I am also the action centre for transformational change.

We discussed her desire and hope for change, explored a bit of the blocks that have been getting in her way and I shared my own personal struggle with the Impostor Syndrome, specifically the facet of it called the Natural Genius. I told her that at some point in my life, a time unknown to me, it served me to believe that staying small was safe. That ensuring I was not seen as better than others would ensure that I would be loved. That talking too much and being a “know-it-all” would alienate me from my “friends”.

As I reflected back I could not think of a time that I did not think this way. My awareness of this issue has grown over the years and there are areas of my life where I exude more confidence and openly share my gifts with the world and yet yesterday I was reminded that I clearly have a fair distance to go.

So today I have decided to use this information and make a change. Today I will choose to say out loud what I have been keeping off to the side. I didn’t necessarily hide my skills, I simply kept them out of plain sight…which I realize is serving no one.

The people, the amazing women on this planet that I am here to serve, won’t know where I am until I stand up. Was my friend, who is now working with another coach ever meant to work with me…perhaps not. However being afforded the opportunity to learn from her how I have been hiding was extremely enlightening and I am so grateful.

So without further ado…let me introduce myself…

I’m Dionne Thomson JOY & Success Catalyst

As a Mindset Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and Time-Line-Therapy Practitioner with a BSc in Human Nutrition and a Masters Degree in Education, I have studied and use Reflective Practice, Narrative Inquiry and Solutions-Focused Coaching in my practice.

I designed and use my own framework for change, the Elements of Authenticity which is an integral component of my unique and transformative In Her Element JOY Breakthrough.


In a JOY Breakthrough busy women are given the opportunity to

  1. Explore where they are
  2. Why they’re stuck
  3. Where they want to be
  4. (And most importantly) How to access to the tools, strategies and support to design the JOY-filled, successful, purpose-driven life they desire

My 1-on-1 Coaching is Fun, Focused and Fast, whether face-to-face or online. I have also blended my knowledge and strategies to create a variety of digital homestudy programs like How to Make Happiness a Habit, to help my clients keep moving forward before and after their JOY Breakthrough.   


My #1 Core Value is Connection and I believe a true sense of belonging is created when women come together and share time, energy and space.

For this reason I am proud to offer the Wise Women Say… Empowerment Circle along with retreats, empowerment events, classes on journaling and the power of story and vision board workshops.

I believe that coming together to reflect, reconnect and recreate ourselves is the most powerful thing we can do to support and guide our own transformation. 

I am grateful for the time to reflect on my own process, reconnect to the parts of myself that I had been hiding and the chance to recreate myself in a way that aligns with my purpose! Authenticity is a journey not a destination!

I invite you to connect and learn how to experience your own

JOY Breakthrough

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All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!