Whether you are you new to the Elements of Authenticity Community or have you been around for a while and have decided to take a step forward, the In Her Element Facebook Group might be exactly what you need to stay accountable to yourself and your desire to…

Make Your Self a Priority

Curious? Want to know what In Her Element is all about? Interested in finding out how to step into your element? Want to learn to reflect, reconnect and recreate your Self so you can step up and show up in your life?

Then read on my friend this is for you!

In Her Element was created for me, for you, for all of us who need a little extra push to honour where we are and trust that the steps we are taking are moving us towards what we truly want. It is a place to share your goals and ask for help. It is a community of like-minded brave amazing women who want you to be as successful as possible!

It is group is for Type E Women, those of us who expend ALL of our energy on Everything for Everybody (else), who have finally decided that enough is enough.

For women who want to come home to who they truly are…vulnerable, creative, balanced, purposeful, whole woman, whose desire for a sense of connection and alignment with their most authentic selves propels them towards the greatness they are destined to live.

Whoa!!! That’s HUGE.


Yes it is, and that’s why you’re here…because the road to greatness, to your most empowered and authentic self, is not a solitary one.

As beings who want to explore the power of our feminine energy, we know that through our ability to connect and build relationships with other like-minded, energy conscious women, we will be able to, individually and together, accomplish amazing things.

My ultimate goal of the group is to connect amazing women (like you), provide exclusive access to powerful Coaching Programs, share empowering tips and strategies and create a supportive and caring community.

I am an Elements of Authenticity Expert, Type E Specialist (& recovering perfectionist). As a proud, messy, growth mindset Mentor and Coach, I help busy, tired, overworked women, who feel like they “are not enough”, to create a sense of Balance, Purpose & Wholeness in their lives.

I am most passionate about, and spend most of my time, helping fabulous women (like you) all over the world align with their most Creative and Authentic selves.

The Elements of Authenticity is the process by which, I believe, we each move through our journey from living lives built on the expectations of others to ones filled with intrinsic joy and authenticity.

As we move through the four Elements of Authenticity: Grounding (Stillness & Acceptance), Movement (Learning & Growth), Spark (Creativity & Expression) and Flow (Mindfulness & Gratitude) we turn the ruts of our bad habits into the smooth grooves of our soul.

In Her Element, a group of amazing women, is meant to be a supportive community. It is highly recommend that you engage with each other’s posts…no one likes to hear crickets when they post something…let people know that you’re thinking about them and offer your words of support.

It is not a group to sell products in, and spammers will be removed immediately. However a little horn tooting is highly encouraged…this is a safe place to share your successes as well as your struggles!

I am so proud to be a part of this group I look forward to seeing you in there and to be a part of your journey of f’n awesomeness as you step into Your Element!!!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

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