Be inspired to Step Into Your Element

Looking for a powerful speaker and motivator to keynote your conference, light up your female audience, propel others to excellence, help you to break free from the “shoulds” that have been keeping you safe, stuck and small?

If you want an inspiring speaker who offers empowering stories and simple strategies so your audience can begin to align with and connect to their true selves, then I’m ready. I can weave my content seamlessly into your theme, speaking authentically and passionately about:


  • Choosing Present over Perfect

  • Stepping into Your Element

  • Harnessing your Everyday Courage

  • Being done with being should on!

  • Becoming Authentic as F*#K!

  • Uncovering where happiness is hiding



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What my clients want you to know!


“Learning to listen to your inner voice and trust yourself to know what you want…well, that’s certainly not easy. At least it wasn’t for me. I was constantly hearing my inner voice shouting, yelling all the reasons why I was wrong for thinking/feeling/wanting something. Dionne taught me how to quiet the shouting and truly listen to my gut. To trust in my own experiences and knowledge, to do the hard stuff (even if it feels and scary) because you know it’s the right thing to do. She helped me to not only learn but to celebrate my authentic self.” – Leanne K., Marketing Manager


“Talking to Dionne is easy. With her experience and knowledge I always know that I will get an honest response. She challenged my thinking and helped me to shift my perspective. Listening and learning from her is always easy and comfortable. I was in a place where I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the roles in my life. I was lost and empty and experiencing anxiety and some signs of depression. I once asked Dionne “Why is this so hard?” She helped me to reframe my thinking and helped me to see that it didn’t need to be. She was able to connect to where I was in my life and her ability to coach and support me through my learning in such a way, where I felt cared for, supported and empowered. I always walk away from our talks feeling inspired and ready to use the do-able strategies she shares with me.” – Cindy Dupuis, Teacher


“Dionne has the ability to say it how it is. No bullshit. If you have issues and you want to hear real strategies on how to create real change in your life – you want to hear Dionne speak. She has the experience, knowledge and a way of sharing information that empowers you!” – Charlotte Parliament, Education Coordinator


“Dionne is a constant source of wisdom, knowledge and grounding.  From the first moment I heard her, I was instantly filled with positive energy and felt compelled to take action. That is just the natural effect she has on anyone she speaks with.” – Helen Kuhn, Artist Muskoka Fox Designs


“Dionne is someone you can not only talk to easily but relate to. She never makes you feel less perfect than you are. No matter your situation, she never judges you and is always looking for a positive in any situation. Dionne is someone who has your best intentions at heart no matter how difficult your situation may seem, she will help you through it. If you feel like you need to change something in your life, something negative into positive, no matter how small, speak with her!” – Kristi Rose, Teacher


“Dionne thank you for coming and sharing your insights with us today. It’s clear that your reflective practice has changed your life. You are positively inspiring! – NR, Investment Advisor