3rd Element of Authenticity    


Creativity & Exploration

This Element is all about exploring your creative energy. Most of us have chosen to forget that we are born creative beings who discovered the world through exploration and trial and error. Spark reminds us of who we really are and what we are really capable of. It encourages growth and expansion. It teaches us to fail fast, hard and often. The concept of which is lost on most proud perfectionists… which it is why it is such a crucial Element on the journey to our Authentic Selves. We are designed to make mistakes and the sooner we tap into the Element of Spark, the sooner we will be able to remind our ego of that. In doing so we will then have the capacity to step towards the successful, whole Being we were born to be.


One of the biggest fears on the planet …FAILURE is what keeps most people from taking that amazing leap towards their true potential. (I know I was stuck in that fear for a very, very long time!) Spark unleashes the raw, powerful, creative energy that we are born with and ignites the innate innovative qualities and leadership skills of this fire sign to propel you through this big fucking fear.

The beauty of this element is that we literally see the fruits of our labour. As we push past what has been blocking us for so long, those words, those looks, those judgments, we quickly start to see that we had been believing in an in-congruent version of our truth. We start to realize that the pain of NOT-growing far outweighs “growing pains”.

I was the kid who never tried anything new, unless I already knew that I would do it well…perfectly actually. (No sports, no crafts, no hobbies…man I must have been a pretty boring kid!) Most activities I did partake in were solitary ones, where no one was counting on me to “help the team”…that was way to much fucking pressure. I didn’t consider myself a solitary person I simply stayed on the sidelines of most things and clapped for my friends who were clearly better at “those” things. I knew that when I screwed up, I would let everyone down! Nope failing was not an option!!  I stuck my nose in a book and resigned my Self to the one trait I was repeatedly told I was… “smart”. But being the smart kid came with a whole different set of perfectionist pressures…I always had to have the answer, (the right answer) which created a series of “assertive” behaviours… like being compelled to answer, out loud, any question posed within earshot of me…wait whaaat?!? Yep I was that annoying kid!

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