Every year, as the end of the year approaches, is it just me or, do you begin to feel the pressure to “get things done” and “finish strong”?  I’ve noticed that instead of joy and acknowledgement for all that I have done, throughout the months of December and January, I feel intensely overcome by doubt and fear, thinking about everything I haven’t done. I replay every mistake and mis-step. I find myself only focusing on where I had failed to meet my (inflated) expectations and my self-talk reflects a lack of confidence and self-worth.

The result has been pain, stress, anxiety, depression, resentment and anger, and at time of year so many of us tend to numb out, escape what is going on inside in order to simply manage all that needs to be taken care of, outside. Maybe you can relate…funny how that to-do list keeps getting longer rather than shorter.

Year after year we find ourselves making resolutions to break our old habits in hopes that we will start brand new, better ones,

  • eat better,
  • work out more,
  • take more time with family,
  • read more,
  • practice mindfulness,
  • make more money,
  • start a business,
  • learn to meditate,
  • sign up for yoga,
  • spend more time with friends,
  • make time for date night,

need I go on…

Then by mid-January we are back in step with the patterns of our lives that caused us to want to numb out in the first place. This year I say FFFFFFF that!

This year, I invite you to take a courageous leap and choose a different path for 2019. To trust your Self and take on 2019 with confidence knowing that instead of trying to push away from what you don’t want, find success by propelling yourself towards what you do want…as a Woman On Fire! Join the revolution! In our time together we will reflect on 2018, pull out all of the evidence of your awesomeness (that you have been negating and neglecting), reconnect with your kick-ass self, rewrite your story and recreate your mindset and move towards what you really want in 2019.

The Woman On Fire Spark Sessions is your tribe! Our goals may be different but the process stands true…

Believing in and adopting a Woman On Fire mindset, building the framework for it to exist and connecting to others who believe in it’s power, is WHY The Woman On Fire Spark Sessions work to help so many of us break out of the busy woman burnout cycle of…


Designed specifically to help move you through the discomfort felt during periods of transition, when you realize that you are done with trying to hold on to the person you used to be and decide to step forward as the amazing, purposeful, powerful woman you are meant to be. During the Spark Sessions you will tap into the courage you need to push through the feelings so many of us feel when we are asked to own our own magnificence (like out loud, in front of people) confidently!

Throughout the spark sessions you’ll dig deep into, what we often forget to consider, your successes! You’ll explore, and most importantly, spend time acknowledging all of the moments when your greatness was seen (no matter what you did to try and stay small). You’ll focus on building strategies that will allow you to confidently access your strengths throughout 2019.

Instead of resolutions, it’s time for a revolution as a Woman On Fire! 

Join your tribe and set 2019 on Fire!!

Woman On Fire Spark Sessions begin January 31st. Register now and take advantage of the 2018 pricing (only $99)