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Each program has been designed specifically for Type E (Everything for Everybody) Women to move from the pain of Type E stress, through the fears and blocks, to the ultimate goal …  balance, purpose and wholeness.

Each 90-Day Program provides support and accountability, encouragement and ZERO bull-shit.

 Every In Her Element Program can be done at your own pace. You will receive all of the information, instructional material and activities upon purchase. For additional support we recommend that you also purchase a 1 year Mentoring Package 6, 12 or 20 sessions, which can be added to any program or purchased stand-alone.

Many of us (Type E Women) often feel like we have to do things on our own…because we always have and we have been made to feel like if we don’t we will be seen as a failure. I am here to tell you that is bull-shit! Only through connection and real support from other women who have gone through the transformation you are seeking will you truly get the maximum benefit.

If a Mentoring package is not on your radar right now…that’s ok you can purchase anytime. in the mean time be sure to connect to the In Her Element Facebook group to get on going support and encouragement there.

You are worth it…your time is now!

Break Free from Type E

90-Day Program

Are you and “Everything for Everybody” woman?

You feel pulled in multiple directions by an endless stream of demands from family, work, your community and social obligations. Achievement and success mean fulfillment in both career and your personal life. You often place unrealistic expectations and excessive burdens on yourself. You want to keep everyone’s approval and…

You cope with the demands of trying to do it all, at a substantial cost to

your emotional, mental and physical well-being.


90-Day Elemental Programs

Each will provide you with support and customized content tailored to meet your needs. Designed to give you the specific tools, strategies & motivation, that will catapult you through the transformation you are looking for on the path to your most Authentic Self. Looking for one-on-one support then opt-in for the Mentoring Support package

Each 90-Day Elemental Program $497

  • with 6 Mentoring sessions $1997
  • with 12 Mentoring sessions $3197
  • with 20 Mentoring sessions $4497

Includes your desired 90-Day Elemental Program and one-on-one Mentoring with an In Her Element Authenticity Expert and Type E Stress Specialist. 

Not sure which Elemental Program is right for you? Download the Elemental Assessment tool to uncover which Elemental Program will get you the transformation you are looking for. (Coming soon…in the meantime book a call with an In Her Element Authenticity Expert NOW to find out more.)

Get Out of Your Way
90-Day Elemental Program 

Element – Grounding

This program acknowledges the time and energy it takes to let go of your old identity and helps you make space for the new one. The loss of one’s self, of one of the many hats that you wear, is a loss that must be grieved and respected. Giving yourself the time, space and energy that you need to process all of your feelings and allow your new Self to be seen and heard is the first crucial step on your path to your most Authentic Self.

Harness the Element of Grounding and the energy that it offers you, which will set the foundation you need to build your new Self. In the Get Out Of Your Way 90-Day Elemental Program you will practice the art of stillness, begin to truly let go of what has been holding you back and find the strength to accept what the universe is offering you.

Authentic as F#ck
90-Day Elemental Program

Element – Movement

Dig deep and uncover the path to your purpose. Stop waiting for your life to just be better. Be willing to do something different, to do whatever it takes to get the life you want. Often we are stuck in our fear of the unknown. As we take on new roles and identities, unsure of what they mean or how they fit, we work very hard to force ourselves back into the old boxes we used to live in…they were so comfy and safe.

Out in the unknown, we feel alone and disconnected from what we believe is right and real. By harnessing the Element of Movement you will fight your fear of the unknown by embracing your courage, self-compassion and ability to connect giving you what it takes to uncover the path to your true purpose. Where you are now is not to be feared. With the support of the 90-Day Authentic as F#ck Elemental Program you will begin to transform into the person you have always, (and never) knew you could be.

Crash & Learn
90-Day Elemental Program

Element – Spark

Fail fast, Fail hard and Fail often. Become the most successful and whole version of your Self. The fear of failure is one of the most debilitating and limiting fears that we experience. And fighting this fear can seem impossible. With the support of the Crash & Learn 90-Day Coaching Program you will harness the Element of Spark and begin to freely explore your creativity and potential. The consistent guidance from your Coach will help you to move through your fear of failure, begin to see and literally put your hands on you success potential. There is no failure, only feedback and with the Crash & Learn 90-Day Elemental Program you will learn how to embrace the crash, incorporate the feedback you get from failing and begin to evolve into the Master you were put on this earth to be.

Grateful For All My Sh!t
90-Day Elemental Program

Element – Flow

Recovering Type E Women often struggle deeply with the idea of being successful. For generations we have been told to be quiet, stay small, and that sacrificing our Selves for others is the ultimate demonstration of love. This is bull-shit! It is through the celebration of who we are and what we contribute to this life that defines us and gives us the strength to love deeply and without shame.

By harnessing the Element of Flow you will begin to shift your perspective and let go of your fear of success. The Grateful For All My Shit 90-Day Elemental Program will allow you to continuously align your most authentic self with the universe. With the support of the Grateful For All My Shit 90-Day Elemental Program you will adopt a mindset of abundance and connect your Self to the all that there is. You will be empowered to dream the impossible and follow every path your heart desires. It is time for each and every one of us to step into our power, celebrate who we are, why we’re here, and what we can do, unabashedly, without shame and the fear of success.

In Her Element


The MOST amazing opportunity offered by In Her Element!!

Get lifetime access to EVERY SINGLE current and future program created by In Her Element plus 20 Mentoring sessions with a In Her Element Authenticity Expert and Type E Specialist for a one-time fee.

Be prepared for an amazing journey alongside other, highly motivated, recovering Type E Women.

What’s included:

  • Lifetime access to all 4 90-Day Elemental Programs (value $1988)
  • Twenty 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with an Elements of Authenticity Expert & Type E Specialist  (value $4000)
  • Access to Live bi-weekly In Her Element Masterclass Q&A Webinars (value $2000/year)
  • Lifetime access to the Masterclass Membership site (invaluable)
  • Exclusive access to the In Her Element Masterclass supportive community (invaluable)


  • FREE lifetime access to ALL (I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE) of the current and future Elements of Authenticity programs and resources (value $2000+)

Total Value:$9,988+++

Total Investment: $6997 +tax

Total Savings: $3000+++

The In Her Element Masterclass will challenge you to convert your negative unwanted patterns into the positive strategies you want for your Self and make them permanent. By utilizing the power and stability of ALL 4 Elements of Authenticity, you can make the vision for your future your reality.

Only those who are ready and willing to step into their most authentic selves will be accepted into the In Her Element Masterclass.

Book a FREE Discovery Session HERE to learn more

Women who work through the In Her Element Masterclass access and utilize proven and effective tools and strategies to finally get the sense of balance, purpose and wholeness they have been searching for.

Step into your Element, get out of the pain of Type E stress and into the pleasure of living a fulfilled authentic life.

Learn about The Four Elements of Authenticity HERE