Vision Board & Empowerment Event


Life On Purpose

Sat Sept 29th

9:30 – 3:30

Midland, ON

More than just cut and paste…Like an athlete mentally preparing for the game, or a musician thinking through every note before the show, a Vision Board can help to retrain your brain so you can visualize and create Your Life On Purpose!


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We DO have the capacity to create the reality we want…and we often sabotage ourselves by using language that defeats us before we start, and focus our attention on the things we don’t have, or want less of. Every time we do these things we are using our brain’s power to get us more of what we DON’T want….(well that sucks!)

A Vision Board helps us to retrain ourselves to use the power we innately have, to focus our attention on what we really want. Not sure what you want? We tackle that too! At the beginning of every Empowerment Event we take the time to get grounded and centered, focusing our energy and tapping into our intuition. We open the space so that we can hear our Selves! The energy created by gathering other wonderfully brilliant, brave, like-minded women has the capacity to permeate our fear of being seen and allow our authentic selves to show up and appear on the page.

Join us as I share my stories of fear, mindset mastery and the strategies you can use to

Design Your Life On Purpose!

We begin our day with a bit of grounding, authentic connection and coffee… (because well…COFFEE!) For the remainder of the morning we move into learning state, stretch our minds and expand what we believe is possible. Very quickly we spark our creative centres and begin the Vision Board making process. After lunch we will finalize our vision and flow through the afternoon setting our intentions and values-driven vision, firmly into the future.

Leave with a clear picture of Your Life On Purpose!

The Good Stuff!

  • Complete your Life On Purpose Vision Board
  • Take home your own Intention Setting/Gratitude Journal
  • Workbook of effective strategies that propel you towards what you want
  • Connect with an authentic community of brilliant, brave, like-minded women
  • Focus on alignment and connection to Self and others
  • Deeper awareness of what is important to you
  • Belief in the possibility of a purpose-driven life
  • An increased sense of how you want to feel 
  • Clearer vision of what you want 
  • Opportunity to align your intentions and values with your actions
  • Lots of laughter and of course some cutting and pasting!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!