The Courage Council Live 4-part Workshop


Did you sign up to the Courage Council in December with really good intentions? Did you just hear about this great opportunity to gather with like-minded women to create a powerful mindset shift? This opportunity is being offered for those of you who, like me, get great value from connecting with other amazing women face-to-face.

Together we’ll co-create your Power Word and Power Statement so that you will kick-ass in 2018! 

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What you can expect from this live in-person workshop series:

  • Deep awareness of what is important to you
  • Belief in the possibility of something different
  • An increased sense of purpose and direction
  • A clear understanding of what it takes to move towards what you want
  • Access to simple effective strategies you can use throughout 2018
  • Connection to a community of like-minded women you “get it”!