28 Days To Your Your Life On Purpose


A Powerful Intention Setting/Gratitude Journal & To-Do Lists that work! 

This workbook guides you through 28 days of intention setting, gratitude, goal-focused to-do lists and reflective practice. Great  on it’s own it is also works as a partner with the FREE Workbook – Purpose-Driven Goal Setting

By the end you WILL:

  • Know you have been working purposefully (for an entire month!).
  • Have concrete evidence that you are moving closer to your goals.
  • Feel accomplished (even with an unfinished to-do list…whaaat…no seriously!)
  • Start the important and valuable task of training your brain and shifting your mindset to be more aligned with what you want!
  • Gain confidence that you CAN do this!
  • Reflect on how far you’ve come and (maybe fore the first time) really CELEBRATE YOU!



So many of us make lists out of habit…productivity mavens who’s lists, the length, width and depth of which define our very worth. Many of us live much of our lives perpetually checking off and adding to our lists and call it living. I know I spent many, many years of my life dutifully to-doing and never really getting ahead.

My to-doing kept me busy, too busy to notice that most of my tasks were aimless and lacked purpose. This left me feeling tired and empty and the only fleeting sense of fulfillment came when the list was complete…btw that would last for about 5 minutes before I went to bed and was promptly replaced by a looming sense that I needed to get more done tomorrow.

So what is a to-do lister to do? The answer is, be SMART and discerning about what gets added to your list. Assess whether or not a to-do is actually yours or someone else’s. Look at your list as a coveted place where only the prestigious and super-star tasks land. Identifying where your sense of value and worth come from and separating productivity from purpose. Okay…that sounds complicated…yes and it is simple if you decide that it is.

So how do we work around our longstanding habit of to-doing for the sake of doing and start to to-do with a sense of purpose? Focus on WHY and categorize our to-dos under a bigger, SMARTer GOAL!