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Full Bio

Dionne is an Authenticity & Empowerment Expert with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, a Master of Education Degree in Leadership, and is a Certified NLP Coach. Through her 20 plus years of Leadership work and experience she has come to whole-heartedly believe that every woman has the power to shift their perspective, thoughts and behaviors leading to deep transformation and a sustainable sense of joy, balance and purpose. She inspires others everyday, to reflect, reconnect and recreate themselves as they align with their creative and authentic energy.

As a Mindset Coach she uses her skills and the wisdom amassed from over a decade of research, to support women who are done with “just being busy doing all-the-things”, to step into their brilliance and become passionately driven women with lives designed On Purpose!  She is most passionate about helping women re-write their story as they align with their most creative and authentic selves.Her natural storytelling ability highlights the strength and powerful vulnerability that is necessary to overcome what has been holding us back. Her real, no bull-shit, stories of uncertainty, failure and growth are deeply impactful and they remind us all, that we are not alone. 

She uses her Elements of Authenticity Framework TM    , her professional coaching/mentoring skills and intuitive capacity to create the ideal environment for women to transform and flourish. Using a variety of proven strategies, including reflective practice, narrative inquiry and creative mindset work, she quickly helps women get to the root of their problems, breakthrough their blocks and limiting beliefs and guide them as they confidently move towards their personal success.

As a prolific speaker, writer and artist she wields her powerful words and creative spark, inspiring others to step into their element and thrive as their most authentic selves!

Short Bio

As the founder of In Her Element Coaching, the creator of the Elements of Authenticity and an Authenticity & Empowerment Expert Dionne is very proud of all the work that she does. Her core belief, and the foundation for In Her Element Coaching, is that given the right tools, mindset strategies and support, every woman can discover their potential, ignite their passion and design their Life On Purpose!

She uses her skills as a Mindset Coach and the wisdom she has amassed from over a decade of research, to inspire women who are done with just being busy doing everything for everybody else, to step into their brilliance and become passionately driven women with lives designed ON PURPOSE!