This is a little throw back to earlier this year and the sentiment has been ringing true for me this week. I thought a little reflection would be good for the soul.

Choosing present over perfect

I was sitting, writing in a mild chaos… I rushed home after grocery shopping, took Addie to the eye doctor (she is growing out of that eye problem she had last year…phew). Got home just in time to get ready for dance…managed to eat a couple of hard-boiled eggs to tide me over until I could eat a real meal. (The lifestyle change was still moving in the right direction…phew!) I fit in some texting tried to make plans with 2 other busy people…(I think we were looking at June for possible dates…If we’d pushed it further I know it would have ended up being a “back to school” thing as opposed to a “ring in summer thing”…) Glad I’m not the only one who is run off their feet…phew.

Wait what the fuck! No…that can’t be right… No this is not what I’d signed up for when I started out on this journey to authenticity.

I get it, kids are important but they are not the only humans on the planet. And I know that work is important…it does essentially put food on the table and a roof over our heads, but does that give it the right to leak into our home? I am wondering what really matters and back to a point I make often…What do we really want and does it include being present over perfect?

If we really do want something what are we willing to do to get it? Are we willing to bust out of the socially appropriate boxes and skip dance night for cuddles on the couch? Do we leave work at work and give our family and friends the best of our selves as opposed to the person who needs a coping strategy to make it until dinner? Can we be okay with meeting up with our friends wherever… coffee shop, on the street, or (god forbid) during an unscheduled pop-in.

Can we make time to see them with our own eyes, ask them how they are doing, ask if they are happy, ask if they are living their wildest dreams?

Can we do that? 

I want YOU to know that, I know I want a life where I feel a real connection to the people, places and things that truly matter to me. And I have decided that I am willing to do whatever it takes to be present over perfect.

So know this…

If you are in the area and not sure if I am home, don’t see the cars and not sure if you should stop…POP-IN!

Choose present over perfect with me. Sit with me in my chaos. Ask me about my day. Tell me whats on your mind. Or better yet come hang out with me in the back yard and stare in silence at the greenery or rainbow of changing leaves depending on the time of year (and by silence I mean the joyful silence that sounds a lot like kids being kids, chicken sizzling on the BBQ, birds being birds, steam rising from your tea or melting ice in your glass.) Because what I really want is to be present with you; my family, my friends.

So to that end tonight I will take my last few minutes and squeeze in some cuddles, eat a delicious good-for-me dinner, warm my hands with my favorite tea, listen to the birds and enjoy the joyful “perfection” of my life.

Wishing you a beautifully present week.

All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

Choose present over perfect - Dionne Thomson - In Her Element Choose present over perfect with me. Sit with me in my chaos. Ask me about my day. Tell me whats on your mind. Or better yet come hang out with me...