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Say Good-bye to the Shoulds & Hello to Happiness

I designed this eWORKBOOK using mindset strategies that get results. It will guide you through the process of moving from “I SHOULD DO” to “I WANT TO”! Sign up and get your free copy of this 5-step foundational mindset tool and start on the path to find your JOY.

Purpose-Driven Goal Setting

Are you a TO-DO List maker?

Okay listen up I have a little something for you. A test of your list making fortitude! So many of us make lists out of habit…productivity mavens whose lists, the length, width and depth of which define our very worth. Many of us live much of our lives perpetually checking off and adding to our lists and call it living. I know I spent many, many years of my life dutifully to-doing and never really… 


In Her Element Values Assessment

Do you have a values filter?

Being values driven is a journey…not a destination. It’s about making decisions that honor what is most important to you…every day. We are continuously challenged, while trying to live our core values, by environments designed against them. The journey begins the moment we identify our core values and they are promptly tested, bent and worn thin. The purpose is to find that sweet spot, when you have traveled far and long enough and your decisions no longer labor through your values filter…they pass through with ease.


100 Questions to Spark Connection

Whether it’s a small group, large group or family gathering…feeling connected, like we really get each other, enhances every experience. Borrowed from the fabulous Alex Franzen, writer extrordinaire… I’ve used these for group programs, intimate gatherings and Christmas dinner. Put the questions in a hat, have every one pick, give a few minutes to think and watch the sparks of connection fly!


Are You At Risk for "Should Stress"?

“Should Stress” is the particular patterns of behavior that stimulates harmful stress responses and effects many women, especially those born into the first post-work-equality generation. Many women born between 1965 – 1995 find themselves under a significant amount of societal, parental and personal pressure to be it all … without the resources, role-models and knowledge of how to do that effectively…which leads to feeling an immense amount of pressure to be everything for everybody!

Weekly Wellness Checklist

Focus on the good…all too often we put our attention on “not doing”. The In Her Element Weekly Wellness Checklist is a gentle and effective way to celebrate your wins and stay focused on what you want!


Inspiring Phone Wallpaper

I have specially designed all of these personally handlettered art pieces to be the perfect size to be used as cell phone wallpaper. Each image offers a bit of daily inspiration! Download all 10 and change it up whenever you need a little extra JOY in your day!

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