Light reflects through, casting shadows of life. The leaves sparkle like rippling water at sunset and I feel the energy enter the top of my head. It resonates through my body stopping at each way-station on its way to my core. There it ignites my fire, fuels my soul, reconnects my cells and drives my mitochondria to keep me moving forward.

As the wind moves the light around, I sense all the parts of me coming together. The dust carries worlds I have yet to explore. It is all here. I know this. I’m connected, grounded, aligned to you.

There is a sweetness in the air, cotton candy, memories of fun and freedom. I sense myself craving ice cream and french fries, time to return and enjoy pleasures of simplicity…slushies and monkey bars, laughter and sand castles.

And so it begins, the life I created, finally unleashed, unveiled, uncorked. Breathing, walking, wobbly legs making their way, finding their footing on lush fertile ground. The energy surges from the earth and connects to the light taken up residence in my core…

I am home.

All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!