She knew the answer, she has been pondering the question for years.

The energy is wild, like white noise with the occasional squeal. It swarms through like a flock of well seasoned and instrumental swallows. Chaotic unison.

I am in awe of the purity and long for just an ounce. I feel it ooze and enter me by osmosis, like the purest water, clean and rejuvenating. Bottle it, make a billion…

Truly the fountain of youth is simply the essence of the young at play.

Laughter improves your tone, running speeds you up and excitement clams your nerves.

Without expectations you can have it all.

Pressure negates it, shoulds deplete it.

Love makes it, patience fuels it, stillness awakens it.

Breathe it, allow it, experience it, be it…







All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!