I’m trapped inside

In this body I hide

Bleeding Pride

I sink

Found a pinhole

Peeked and saw the troll

Running the Big Show

I’m crying

Painfully waiting

Purposefully playing

Stoic & full of shit

I’m numb

I say I need a break

A break is what I’ll take

Joy or pain I’ll fake

Stop pretending

Raw & sore I feel

Calm & bliss not real

Stop the fucking wheel

I’m getting off

Flying through my mind

Dreams of every kind

Too far to reach and find

I’m stretching

Water filling, cleansing

Weight of the world defending

I’m tired of bending

I sleep

Awaken refreshed and quiet

Stillness & silence defy it

The voices are gone , eerily quiet

I’m present

My body aches to expand

Eager to fly and plan

Run faster if I can

I’m gone

Wild things creep into my mind

Art & color of every kind

I now have all the time

I’m creating

Life feels pure and whole

I give the mask back to the troll

I have places to know

To be enlightened

Glory to the journey

Faith in all it brings me

Dark and the light within me

I live freely

What will I do today

To make this feeling stay

Will I work or play

I’m deciding

Weight of should is worn

Like a cloak of stones unshorn

I kick and scream forlorn

Fuck shoulding

Time, yes time is running

Through the stones I’m tunneling

Do the things that matter

Trust in something

Believe I create my world

My thoughts and moves unfurled

Step into the light little girl

Joy finding

Today I will take 1 step for me

Create the world I long to see

Every day I’ll be

Me unwinding

Shine On Write Through To Your Light