I have noticed that I keep needing water…not to hydrate but to breathe.

A swimming pool, a crystal lake, to be in solitude, in water. To have it all around me, rushing by, supporting me, water.

Cleansing, completing, glowing, learning, water. Life giving, take my breath away, sustain all there is, water.

I feel it stall on the hard parts and I want clarity, water.

Sensory realignment, soul realignment, cleaning and clearing, water. Lightness and depth, fluid, flowing, rushing, knowing.

My history, my being, through the oceans and the clouds, in me, through me…exhale, water.

Grace and ease and believing in tomorrow, in sorrow. In now and then and “let’s wait and see”. Do the work, say the words, create what I want…flow, water.

The well is full and clattering. Rocks and wishes intertwined, holding space and creating room to expand. Full of love from the sky, all is risen, all is held. Space is given, I am safe. Water.

Heals, feels, knows and grows. Expands, lifts and shifts and flows. I am, I want, I have all I need. I need, I care, I slow down and breathe, water.

Turquoise and translucent, blue and black, all the shades of my abundance. Twirling, swirling, the helpful hurricane of energy drawing life inwards. Stirring everything in me…exhale, water.

Flow is not a destination to aspire to…it already exists.. Damning it and stepping out, staying high on my obstacles, preventing even a toe to understand that the ease and grace of flow already exits.

When I let go…I will know…the power of flow… water.

Shine On Write Through To Your Light