The rush and stillness of life amazes me. As I catapult into every adventure, I unknowingly win back all that I had lost. Gain strength and wisdom through the parish and flames.

I am the forever phoenix on a burning day. Reborn of light and joy and innocence, full of knowing.

Today brings forth the energy of the phoenix, proud and unsteady, willing and wanting.

The fire, the ice, the storm and the stillness. The back and forth…the journey is within, it is waiting for me to decide. Step off the pendulum that is swinging and choose to be present and part of the journey…I am  not “just along for the ride”

Slowly, now, slower, slower still…

I met you here in the greenery, in the growth and bramble. I met you here in the cacophony.

This is the loudest stillness I can recall, I can create.

I feel the warmth of life, the depth of its roots and the expansiveness of its connection to all. I long to wrap myself with it and expand along side, with-in, with-out loss.

The blades of grass, the hint of clover, simple reminders that the phoenix resides in all things. Persistent, consistent burnt and reborn. Today I am as hearty and delicate as a blade of grass and as ethereal and known as the forever phoenix.

My purpose is to live up to my potential, to continue to come back year after year, to grow and persist. To find my path through the stones.

I feel it all and the connection to it is often too great. Too awesome. I stop. I gasp.

I stop and I feel it all. I will wait…floating.

I feel it all, sitting, grounded full and rested, still as a stone.

I feel it all, flying, soaring, beckoning the wind to follow me, tip-toeing through the sky.

I feel it all, inching my way through the grass, tall as sky scrapers. I rest in the dark, home, safe.

I feel it all, ravaged by the waves, crashing against the rocks, against you and it and life.

I feel it all, my magnificence and power.

I feel it all and accept it willingly, joyfully, knowingly…in my ignorance I feel it all.

Shine On Write Through To Your Light