My words often have no concept of appropriateness and this piece came through me as I waited for my mom to have a medical procedure. I waited with the hundreds of others in South Lake Hospital. I watched as they bustled around numb, busy, full of life lived and yet to be lived. I felt deeply connected to the moment and myself in it, as all things and nothing came together on the page.

Thank you for allowing me the time to explore my journey through the written word, for holding space as the magic of what we collectively go through reveals itself.

We are all born creative and carving out time for the beauty of life, is not theft it’s a birthright! I’d love to read, see, hear about how you intuitively tap into your creative self…projects big and small, ideas grand and whispered…share your gifts …the world is ready!

Shine On Write Through To Your Light

Where did it go. Where did I go? I’m here and not and you can sense it and not. I want it back…time, the plainness of it, the story in it. I want it all. The care and discomfort, the stillness and the sound.

I sense an impulse, a growth taking place within me. A space, green and lush, leafy and full, bursting. Life. Life waiting, wanting, calling.

I feel it flow through me, fluid, dense, water. Viscous and labored, Stopping only where it is needed to gather and distribute life. I feel it flow within me, rush around the tender parts and willingly set right all that is not.

I want it back, to let it go. I see it drift and sense it sailing through the ethos to you, my willing neighbor, partner, being.

All is here, not & here. Juxtaposed, singular and separate, connected by life. That is me, that is you and we are not & here through the knowing and forgetting.

Fluid and ever changing, while your image of my reality stands still, I am fluid. I will never the person I am to you. I am only what you think I am…does that matter? The you I know matters, and together we are known and not & here.

Sitting still and full, all movement seems empty. Time I want back. I want more presence, less empty.

I want crying and balance & comfort in the unknown. I am sitting, not still, wondering about the less and more & wanting what I want.

Create, from nothing, from empty, defy physics and be. I sit still, creating, loving, feeling, sensing the empty & allowing it’s fullness to be human.

I want it back. It’s fluid and flowing, I know. I am not & here. With me. Within me. It is me.

Walking through holding space, leaving nothing except what no longer serves. Pieced together in a permanent pattern of symmetrical chaos, sacred mathematics…fluid and not & here. With me. Within me. It is me.

I’m all in, it’s all in, every sense is fluid, triggered. My intuitiveness has me crawling, waiting, breathing laboriously. Not fear, that I save for the unknown. This is yours. I see you, in every face, every passerby. I see you, the you I know as me. The familiarity draws a line between our souls and I’m all in.

What a gift, this time that I have back. This time that I am borrowing from my Self. This time to be and want and sit still, being all in. Thank you.