There you are… you starved and did not die. Collapsed and did not break. You fell and chose to rise up again and again.

There you are…stunning, power measured in hertz and lumens, kcals are just not potent enough to document your strength. Weight, pressure, torque, waves all coming together as one, wrenching you, shaping you, creating what was always destined to be. Fluid and static, then, now, forever.

There you are…smiles and joy, love & effervescence. You bubble up like freedom personified. Pop. Pop. Pop. You sing and dance, nothing else matters

There you are…speaking, whistling, drumming, fumbling. Pounding feathers in the sky. Effects rippling like the wings of a butterfly.

There you are…glory, perfection wrapped in reality. Messy and gorgeous, glowing with ice cream dripping from your chin. Bliss. The rain is coming. Like all things of this world, it will wash away what is no longer required. Wait patiently, face the sky.

There you are…I see you you. I know you. I will wait for our hearts to meet…I will wait until the sky breaks open all that there is and we are one.