I see that you’re tired…I get that.

I feel it too…gladly.

The walls are worth climbing, the mud meant to be crawled through…it all has value and purpose.

Blinding sun strengthens my resolve. The pounding rain washes away doubt and fear when I am willing to be naked and raw.

We are here and it is real, a time for growth, time to trip and learn.

Value this time it is your greatness thrust upon you, light, dark, willingness to be present. All that you can be resides in this moment, in each moment. Pure and effervescent, your soul shines through in these moments of trial and reality.

In these moments of grace and grit you are be-ing human, struggling with the grandeur of the unknown. Have faith, believe and let go.

Yes it is all easy and impossible, it is exactly what it is and is not. Exactly what you believe it to be. Reality constructed in perception and belief, powerful and small making, liberating and confining.

Choose the dark to remind yourself  to believe in the light. Light, bright and beautiful can blind us from the rocks and caverns mined before our steps. Falling, failing can rock our worlds when we lack awareness of the continuous spectrum. Appreciate the dark, honor its power, value the light and flow back and forth between with ease and grace.

The shadow in me honors the shadow in you…whole and juxtaposed, the light craves balance.


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!