I watched you as you played, in the sunshine, in your glory

The glory of this light lifts me, holds me, binds me, keeps me, holding my energy…like as if my skin might not be strong enough. I feel blessed by this light, glorified, magnified, present, still and energized.

The whistle of the leaves reminds me, keeps me focused, attuned to you, your breath. I am weakened by the distraction, simply so I can love it more.

Through the stillness is your laughter, effervescent and light, carrying with it every ounce of love that I have for you, for this moment. For all the space in between.

I want, am desperate for, this charmed life, braving this wilderness of my mind as you brave the wilderness of your soul. You inspire and I aspire. Together we are what the world is made of… magma & flame, cytoplasm & mitochondria, air & rainbows.

Your song is free and draws me in. I strain for the next verse, feeling momentarily haunted by the idea that this will be the last.

The crows pick up your tune and remind me to have faith, to renounce my longing and stay with my belonging.

The bees sway as the wind blows. My ears are burning and frozen. I would leave if I thought you would go…and I know better.

My hands ache and by body is stiff and I will sit all day, knowing you are right where you belong.

Shine On Write Through To You