Well today is the day that our new life begins!

My family has decided that it was time we start actually living the life we want for ourselves. (Well we decided for the girls…although I am interested in getting their opinion on this.) Now nothing major here, (we aren’t going off grid or anything), we have just decided to do away with the pounds of garbage we have been mindlessly putting in.

It’s funny, no matter how many times I hear or see how “good” something is for me, it can take a supreme amount of effort to actually make the change towards healthier living. Why is that? Why is it so hard to do what I know is better for me? Habit? Fear? Self-sabotage? Yep I bet it’s all of that. So what we had to do first before we could decide to make any change was to deal with the shit that was in our way.

My hubby and I, have been working in our own way, on our own demons, on our blocks, on our mindsets and our limiting decisions.

And although I wouldn’t say we are 100% ready, (because who ever is really?!?) we picked a date (that conveniently coincided with the day after his b-day weekend :)) We agreed to support and not judge each other as we each battle our dietary, stress eating, drink to fill a void, fear laden chip mongering demons (maybe that last one is just me?!?) .

We are not the same, we don’t fight the same issues with stress and eating and drinking (alcohol is also off the list btw…shit that is a biggie for me) and we don’t pretend to understand how hard this will really be for the other person; what we do know is that we are doing this “together”.

The dreaded “D” word has not been mentioned…

this is a  lifestyle change towards healthier eating, moving more, sleeping better, and increasing our energy awareness. Basically it’s about creating an all around good vibration for our family and our entire lives!

So as I sit here watching the stove, as I boil eggs and steel-cut oats (2 separate pots silly) I am contemplating the battles and wins ahead. I am approaching this shift as I have with all the other wonderful endeavours I have been on in the past couple years. One day at a time…in some cases one hour at a time.

I know I will fall and I will, as best I know how, get up and keep moving towards what I want!

We are pretty determined people and I know we will make great strides on this journey we have set out on. That being said, I know we could use a little help!

So this is a call out to all my healthy friends out there…

Send me your recipes!!

(chicken can get a bit boring)

We are steering clear of the following white items: sugar, salt, potatoes, bread, rice…kinda keeping with the idea of “Eat Clean” without the craziness. Because well…although we are committed, we know where we need to draw the line.

Who knows as we begin to shift our patterns and habits, we may end up vegetarians!?!

(…highly unlikely!)

Well I’m off to peel eggs and stir some oats!!!

Please feel free to send your recipes and words of encouragement (I know I will need them) to dionne@dionnethomson.com

I look forward to hearing from you!!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!