So yesterday I sat in awe of my child (once again) as she showed me around Barbie’s house, that she recently “re-modelled”, and as we toured from room to room (yes she has a frickin’ Barbie house with a shit-ton of rooms…I can’t decide if that makes me a good parent or a bad feminist…but that’s for another post…anyway…) As she shared with me where “Mommy The Doctor” and “Daddy The Super Cool King”, who wears glasses that make everything purple sleep, she casually mentioned …

“Over here we have the Yoga Centre…this is where we meditate, sit with our legs crossed , hold our hands like this (imagine her holding her hands up at eye level, making small circles with her thumbs and index fingers) and think about what our brains are thinking about”

Whaaaat?!? Did that just happen…

she is 5 going on Nietzsche!

I can’t be the only one that sees this?

As I sat in awe and did my best to hold back the tears…not to hide them from her…I simply didn’t want her to think for an absolute second that I was sad…

I was, and am still, the happiest most grateful parent on the planet!

Which got me thinking…

I have been hearing lately that in order to really stay focused on becoming an entrepreneur and making it sustainable as a lifestyle,  you really have to know your Why . And not to sound cliche, but I am doing all of this for my kids. Not so that I can give them more stuff or really so I can “give” them anything, it’s that I want to model for them what I (and Dave) believe it takes to be truly successful in life. That is, we want them to see, know and understand that honour, authenticity, joy, gratitude, self-care, love, compassion, drive, passion, (a little business acumen) and a deep-rooted desire to give back and be of service to the universe are the elements to true happiness and success.

I will remember this day for the rest of my life. I will bask in beauty of my family and that alone will keep me moving forward no matter what gets in my way! That is my WHY!

Do you know your Why? 

Do you have a sense of purpose, or belonging or being?

I know that I didn’t for most of my life and not until I let go of all I was I “supposed” to be did I truly start to step into who I really was and why I am here.

If you are feeling out of balance and in need a of a supportive group of women to connect with,

please reach out…

You are not alone and although if you are like me, you might feel like as the “go-to, fixer, ultimate care-taker of the family, put-together, I’ve got this woman” you shouldn’t “need” help…trust me honey, we ALL need and deserve to feel supported, heard and cared for.

Pop on over to the In Her Element Facebook Group, you’ll find women just like us who are struggling to find that elusive sense of balance, purpose and wholeness and who really get what it means to feel stuck in the “shoulds” of the perfectionist paralysis!

I get you! You are not alone!

I can’t wait to connect and help you start on the path to your magnificence!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

P.S Want to know a bit more about how I can help click HERE to find out more about Elements of Authenticity Coaching