Have you been waiting for someone to wave their magic wand…

I see you there, in the quiet moments of struggle, just wishing that things were different, that someone would just wave a magic wand and make things “better”. Hoping that all of a sudden there would be enough time, enough energy and finally enough money to do what you want to do…even just enough time to consider wanting something…a hobby, anything that could really be just for you.

What if there is the magic wand that could give you a community of people who get you, the right tools that you actually have time for, strategies that really work?

What if you had the power to… 

  • Ignite your passion
  • Unlock your purpose
  • Make the next 12 months all about you &
  • Care for, love and support the people that are counting on you!

The Firestarter Sessions are the perfect blend of support and independent study, exactly what you’ve been looking for.

I know you are the one who takes care of everything. I know that you are used to doing everything yourself. I know that you’ve been disappointed by others who said they would help…and then didn’t. I get it!

What if I told you that I have been where you are…scared of letting everyone down, stuck feeling empty and scattered, not sure which path will get me where I need to go…I get that, you don’t have the time, energy or money to waste on programs, people or ideas that won’t work. You have been disappointed one too many times to let that happen again!

What if I told you that you get to decide how much or how little you have to do, to create the positive shift you’ve been looking for? What if I told you that you have the potential to drastically shift your world and finally feel like you are heading towards something that matters? What if this is the magic wand you’ve been looking for…and you get to wield it!

Would you be willing to take a chance on me, on something new?

The Firestarter Sessions are designed for busy, brilliant women just like you (and yes honey you are brilliant…we’ll get to that a bit later)

Join The Firestarter Sessions!You will walk away with…

  • Ongoing support
  • The tools to shift your mindset
  • Guidance and encouragement from an Empowerment Expert (thats me :)).
  • Finish each session with new and powerful insights that you can apply right away &
  • Start seeing the impact of your work immediately.

Top 10 reasons to join The Firestarter Sessions:

  • Learn easy and effective mindset strategies that will give you more time and energy freedom.
  • Carve out time just for you to focus on what matters most.
  • Work withyour brain to get the results you want.
  • Take control of your thoughts and create the reality you desire.
  • Tap into the courage to believe in your dreams.
  • Unleash the confidence you need to make your dreams your reality.
  • Set your powerful intention for 2019 and set it on FIRE!
  • Discover your potential, ignite your passion and begin to design your life on purpose.
  • Only $199 for four Spark Sessions AND the Woman On Fire full day event!
  • No…wait…there is a 50% off early bird price! Woo hoo!

Learn all about The Firestarter Sessions and take advantage of the 50% early bird discount!

Hit reply if you have any questions I am always here to help!

Learn more about The Firestarter Sessions!