Are you the kind of person who needs to wait until the last-minute to get shit done? Like me, have you decided you have a hard life and you need to feel almost twisted inside before you finally get to your to-do list?

Looking back it seems like I write about things being hard about once a month…maybe it’s leftover from the emotional mood swings I used to get with PMS? Maybe it’s an unconscious cycle I am choosing to live?

Up until now I have simply pushed through, anticipating that the next week will be all sunshine and fucking rainbows!

Is that the right thing to do…just power through? That statement sounds a bit counter-intuitive to me. Part of me believes that, yes, I could power through and every month look at then ignore the same familiar demons. I could just decide that this is the way my life is, or maybe just maybe, I can actually do something to take the perceived hardness out of shit.

During this month’s decision to feel overwhelmed and crappy I began to ask myself…

Why do I decide that life is hard?

Where did this limiting decision come from?

Could I decide something different?

Last night I was up at 2:15 am with my little one who was cranky and coughing, clearly in the early stages of the cold I already have. And in that moment of exhaustion, I decided that there would be no way I could get up early and do my morning pages, nor could I even entertain the idea of traveling the 2 hours each way to see my extended  family at our yearly Christmas gathering…

How could I cope with a cranky toddler and an even crankier self the entire day away from the comfort and security of my home?

Now it is 7:00 am and that cranky toddler from last night is up and she has clearly decided that she wants to feel better. So she did and now she does. She is up right now enjoying the Christmas tree (re-arranging all the ornaments and making up little stories for each one). She is watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the millionth time and happily singing along. She has eaten her breakfast and exhibiting no signs of the trauma that was my experience from the night before.

Today I choose to be like Lucy.

I choose to live as simply as a toddler and decide that life is easy.

The magic I am wishing for in my life is only two simple steps away…intention + action = magic.


I was reminded of this recently and although I am not able to decide my cold away, I have set my intention to feel better and am taking some pretty simple actions to make that my reality.

Could the same be true for the big things in my “hard life”?


This blog post for instance…every week I eagerly brainstorm ideas and then as I near the end of the week I become fearful that I won’t be able to write it; that all the other randomness of my life will get in the way. I neglect to recognize that every week I set my intention to write a blog post (among other things) and for days I brainstorm and ponder what I will write about. I reflect on what is happening in my life and think about the learnings I gain from each experience. So I find it strange that come Thursday I decide that the illusive blog post will escape me…which is impossible as it already exists. It came into being the moment I decided to do it, I simply needed to take action to uncover it.

believing-takes-practiceThis morning along side my very happy toddler I have decided that being sick does not impact my ability to think, type or express myself…writing does not care about my pink fluffy robe or whether or not I cough periodically.

So here I am showing up in my life, easily. Taking action towards my intention and seeing it literally manifest before my eyes!

Will I be checking everything off my to-do list today…maybe…maybe not, that depends on the quality of the to-do list. The key will be in the clarity and focus of my to-dos. Are the actions I have listed in-line with my intentions? Have I set to-do lists that are purposeful and planned? Review of my plan may be where I spend my time today ensuring that the time money and energy that I do have, is spent wisely.

Decide, set my intention, take clear and focused action towards my intention = guaranteed results!

I have decided that today will be easy.

I intend on fueling my body with positive energy and rest, I will hydrate, eat nutritious food that supports my immune system and focus my attention only on what I can do with the resources that I have. I will attend my family gathering and I will give myself permission to leave when my body has had enough. I will bring music for the drive that lights me up. I will frame the day for my children, including statements about how much fun we will have and how wonderful it is to see all of our family. I will give them permission to listen to their bodies and encourage them to communicate with me when they are hungry, thirsty or tired…and I promise to pay attention.

I will let go of any perfectionist expectations such as what we will wear, the quality of our Christmas-wrap or being 10 minutes early. We will get there happily when we get there, we will engage lovingly with our family and as a unified team of positivity will enjoy  this wonderful day.

I have decided!

untitled-designWhat limiting decisions have you made lately? Have you decided that you have a hard life, that someone’s “making” you feel a certain way or that the circumstances of your life make it impossible for you to get ahead?

What will you decide today?



All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!


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