I feel a small fire under my ass this week…and yes I am the one who lit it! I am really feeling some momentum and well it’s a bit fucking awesome scary. I have been getting to the gym 3 days a week for 3 weeks and that feels fantastic I am currently writing this in the glow of that.

I finally got on Spotify and found the Dance Workout…OMG that is totally ma’ jam and I will toot my own horn and say that I pretty much destroyed that elliptical machine.

No of course I didn’t and to keep my momentum going I will continue to pretend that I did.

Working out and living healthy seems to be one of those things for me that I am still working on getting the hang of. I don’t have anything against working out or eating well I just happen to enjoy food and booze and I easily settle into the creature comforts when I am busy and bored.

As I write that I want to slap myself… I know that good healthy food can be and is delicious. I know how to cook. I know how to shop, I am simply choosing to not. Fuck sometimes awareness of Self is a bit annoying. Have you ever wished you could just take a step back for a moment and unlearn something, go back to a level of ignorance that is not detrimental, just simply blissful. That is how I feel every once in a while when it comes to the circumstances of my life.

Sometimes, not often and not for long, I want to blame something or someone outside of myself for my lot in life.

I could go to the gym but Addie just …so I don’t…

Lucy is just… so I must…

I had a rough day so I won’t…

The laundry won’t do itself so I have to…

He didn’t so I can’t…


Enter the universe to help me pull my head out of my ass…

I was speaking with a beautiful soul recently, I’ll call her CC, and we discussed the idea of taking responsibility for every circumstance in one’s life. Of truly being the one in charge, the master of ones own destiny. Her insight was so pure and so authentic I couldn’t help feeling that I was in the presence of a very enlightened being. While we spoke and shared our perspectives I had the pleasure of feeling some of her insight in the form of goosebumps all over my arms. It was a warm and tingly feeling that reminded me that my purpose on this planet is to engage with more people like CC.

Okay back to me making excuses…yes for a split second every once in a while I step back in to my “humanness” and abdicate responsibility for my own life. Then I kick myself in the ass or if I am lucky have the chance to talk to one of the beautiful CCs in the world and I get back on track. This whole living authentically shit is clearly for those that are committed to the process because it is a process, a journey not a destination! I happily commit myself…no wait that didn’t sound right…

I am happily committed to the process of living an authentic life where I take responsibility for every action and every outcome.

To that end the fire that is burning under my ass had me making some bold moves this week, that I knew felt right and yet seemed like split second decisions. I joined an amazing group of coaches on Facebook who in just a week have provided me with so much insight and direction. I created my own Facebook group to help my peeps stay accountable to themselves and Get Shit Done!…(btw If you are looking for an amazing group of women who’ve totally got your back as you work on living the best life possible, pop on over to Facebook and join Be Real Creative Gets Shit Done!). The group of women who are already involved are amazing! In the time we have been together, I can feel myself stepping into my zone of genius. My purpose on this earth is to support others as they make their way along the path to their magnificence (which also helps me on my own :)).

Lastly on my “ass is on fire” journey I finally sent out the invites to my Stuck to Start info night, that for some reason I had been putting off. Stuck to Start is when I have to opportunity to introduce myself as the Be Real Creative Coach to real live humans. I share my story and let others know the steps I took on my journey that got me from the black pit where I blamed the world for ALL of my problems and took no responsibility for any aspect of my life to today. Where, as I outlined above, I am much more enlightened and empowered to take control to create the life I really want. (With only a few moments here and there where I revert back to my eviler ways).

This one is being hosted by me, in my home, in my home town…insert a shit-ton of latent teenage fear… I had been telling myself that the timing wasn’t right, people wouldn’t be able to make it. The first one I did last month (as the test run in another town at someone else’s house) was a fluke. Who do I think I am? Why would people want to hear what I have to say… and the inner critic rant went on. Then like a good planner who knew that if wrote it down it would get done (eventually). I put it in my day-timer…I only had to move it 4 times before I finally sat down and started to send out invites. Guess what every one said yes…in an hour! It was the most amazing hour I have had in a very long time!

Okay so here it is folks…

The inner critic doesn’t leave. On your journey to authentic self you will revert back to your beforetimes self and blame others, whine, ask questions like “Why is this happening TO me?” and those moments will get shorter and fewer and farther between. Most importantly if you want to get shit done you need to light a fire under your own ass…then invite others to keep the fire going.

There ARE people in your life who get where you are going, why you are doing what you are doing and want to cheer you on … in helpful and ass kicking ways. There are others who don’t. Not every person in your life will be ready for you to change. Often people see the change in others and begin to feel fear, doubt and anxiety within themselves, which they unfortunately project out onto others. Recognize the roles people are playing in your life and choose who you share your goals with wisely. I have always been a fan of saying shit out loud to make it real, recognizing that sometimes audience matters.

Find your raving fans and engage with them.

The people in your life that reach out and tell you how amazing you are, people who share your story with others only to lift you up. Remember that other people’s energy can enter your life and begin to shape your reality from anywhere on the planet AND you get to choose what energy you let in. So FYI it is totally acceptable to unfriend and unfollow people who are not helping you to create the energy and direction you want…remember you get to choose the path of your life.

BTW I am totally one of your raving fans!!

If you need someone who respects your goals deeply, who will bombard you with positive energy and will call you on your shit then you need to connect with me and we need to get things going for you.

Be Real Creative Gets Shit Done Facebook Group

Be Real Creative Facebook Page

Find me on Facebook

Talk soon!


All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

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