What impact do you want to have on the universe, on the world, in your community?

Do you know?

Do you think about it?

In my early days of self-discovery I came across a lot of talk about impact and legacy and what it meant to live and act with your legacy in mind. At the time I skimmed by that shit, I could barely get through the day, I couldn’t think of why I would care about what people would think of me when I was dead. I kept my focus on what I wanted in the “here and now”.

What I didn’t realize then, was that my legacy (my impact) and my personal life goals are intertwined…they are practically inseparable. What I want for the “here and now” is to focus on learning and growth and to be present and mindful of each moment and of how my behaviour, thoughts and energy impact each moment I am a part of. What I have come to understand is that

…who I choose to be today IS my legacy.

As I focus my attention and intention on being and bringing positivity to each situation (and when I’m not) I am imprinting the universe with the story of me. As I build and create myself through learning and growth, I impart the value of experience and purpose of failure and when I give into fear and my inner critic I remind people what it means to be human.

Why do we fall Bruce? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up!

(for the Batman fans 🙂 )

The values I share through my actions with my children, my neighbours, my clients and complete strangers will change their experience of the world.

It is through our experiences that we create our model of the world and from there create our own values to live by.

So I believe, that in short, my actions will impact others and their view of the world…my actions will have a direct impact on those closest to me and possibly even on those with whom I simply share time and space. Thinking specifically of my children, as their perspective of the world shifts, how they choose to carry themselves into the future WILL be my legacy. The impact I have on others may never be known to me and that is also part of my legacy.

So I ask again…

What is your impact? What story have you imprinted? What values are you imparting on the next generation? What do you want your legacy to be now that you know you are going to leave one?

Wow these are deep fucking questions!!!

Even as I write them I am not 100% sure of my answers. For me I think the answers lies in our daily decision-making. If you are like me and you have an idea of who you would like to be, (you may even have defined it concretely with a vision board) and you may already have a good idea of what things you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals.

What I really want to ask you is this…

Are you paying attention to your daily decision-making?

And more to the point…

Do you reflect on the decisions you make everyday?

Because let’s be realistic…it’s hard to pause and reflect on our value-filters when a co-worker starts down the road to negativity or a joke is made by a relative that isn’t funny or a complete stranger behaves in a way that “causes” you to act like fucking idiot (been there!). The list goes on…we are not perfect…we make bad decisions everyday.

So What? Now What?

Do we allow our bad decisions to become part of our legacy? Or do we reflect on them…right wrongs where we can and put conscious effort to change our thoughts and future behaviours?  If you follow me then you know I write in my journal every morning and I reflect on the decisions I made the day before…good and bad and then I give myself the time to decide consciously what I can do differently. Has this solved all my problems?…NO…however it has helped me to shift my perspective and forgive myself when necessary. It has helped to change my view of the world and as a result will change my behaviour in the future.

What do you do?

Do you create space to reflect? Do you know what kind of impact you want to make on the universe, in your world, within your community, on your children, on your Self?

I’ll leave you with this…

You can decide right now what you want your legacy to be


You can choose to be the person you want to be remembered as.



All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

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