When I discovered my superpower it was challenging and it was beautiful…

The universe had begun to align the pieces that I had been setting my intention on. The challenge was accepting all that was laid before me.

I had known for a while that I wanted to give more time and energy to my coaching business, that I wanted to be present and show up for not only myself, for you as well. I declared it, asked the universe to provide it and well… she listened.

I was presented with an opportunity to leap into a new life in. I still had some of the stability of my day job and was afforded an additional 15 hours a week to focus on my business. I had more flexibility and time to give to my family.

Sounds like a no-brainer right?!?!…

1 thing…

With less hours at the J.O.B. meant less guaranteed income.


What it really meant was that I needed to step up my game…really become an entrepreneur (and no longer just talk about being one) and start to make some real money at this coaching thing.

Easy peezy, lemon squeezy…right???

Not so easy…all the same fears I had been having for months, that I thought I had worked through, started coming up again…Who did I think I was leaving a secure job? For what…coaching? Really? Who the hell is going to want to pay to talk to me? How will I ever support my family? I’m going to let people down. They are going to figure out I’m a fraud. The world revolves on word of mouth…I’m screwed.

…enter Kristi, Helen and Charlotte.

Ok wait…a little history first…

For at least a year before considering coaching, I had become happily aware that many of the strong relationships that I had formed with some of my co-workers were because of how we communicated. I realized that the best part of my day was when a co-worker, friend, would come in to talk through their issues (which happened everyday).

Up until that point, most of my leadership life was filled with people coming to me for “advice”, for “answers”. And I saw that I didn’t solve people’s problems anymore, I spent more time asking them how they felt about their problems. I didn’t assume to have the answers, as I realized that I could never truly know what their problem meant to them without being curious and asking deep and thoughtful questions.

These friends knew that when they talked to me I wouldn’t sugar coat my thoughts or feed them bullshit I thought they wanted to hear. I wouldn’t commiserate or placate their negative thoughtsI would hold space for them.

The impact had been palpable. My friends openly commented that after speaking with me they could see things more clearly, that their problem seemed more manageable.

Communicating is this way does something to me too…I feel supercharged and whole. I now seek out these interactions and ultimately look for ways to incorporate more of these types of conversations in my life.

And even today these thoughts enter my mind…

  • Can I do this thing that lights me up full-time?
  • Do people need my superpower?
  • Do I have what it takes to create a real positive impact?

The answers… yes, yes and yes

With a caveat…

You need to work your ass off and create the life you want.

Working my ass off, (at work that doesn’t feel like work and challenges me every day) has included this blog and website, gathering women together, increasing my social media presence, creating videos to share my knowledge and more importantly focusing and attention on sharing my superpower with women looking to break free of the “shoulds” and find joy, purpose, balance and wholeness. I cherish each moment when I am able to share of myself and revel in the exchange of positive energy that occurs when I get the chance to really communicate with another soul.

My superpower…

I am the keeper of space, I am a mentor, a muse.

I have the power to create and develop relationships with individuals, with people, with souls who, one at a time, save themselves and move the planet one step closer to the divine. Wow…that is some deep spiritual shit…

I am not meant to solve the problems, or to design and conjure cures for the masses. I am here to give time and space to you and through your positive experiences and actions you will be an integral part of the solution to the world’s problem – negativity.

So back to Kristi, Helen and Charlotte…

Three beautiful women who I have shared time and space with, each of whom have graced me with written words of kindness about their experience with me as their friend, coach, mentor and holder of space. During challenging times, when fear begins to creep in, I visit the kind words of my friends, my first clients and feel assured that I am on the right path.

Thank you 

“Dionne is someone you can talk to easily and relate to. She never makes you feel less perfect than you are…she never judges you and is always looking for the positive in any situation…no matter how difficult your situation may seem, she will help you through it. If you feel like you need to change something in your life, something negative to positive…talk to her!”


“Dionne has been a constant source of wisdom, knowledge and grounding for me. From the first moment I spoke with her I was instantly filled with energy and positivity. This is just the natural effect she has on anyone who interacts with her. She brings out the best in me. She doesn’t just fix the problem, she shows me how to do it myself. I have never met anyone with such powerful communication skills. She always makes me feel supported. Knowing this has given me the confidence to take on new challenges.”


“Talking to Dionne is so easy.  One day we just started chatting and before I knew it I was sharing with her some personal issues.  I wasn’t asking for advice – just talking.  She didn’t give advice or try to tell me how to fix my problems.  What she did was better.   She just talked about a few things in general and about some other people she knows and things they did – including herself and some changes she made in her life.  She told me how she changed just a few things in her life that made a huge impact on her stress level.  After my conversation with Dionne I actually felt inspired and somewhat compelled to actually take action.   We all have friends who will listen to us and commiserate with us and feel our pain with us.  But that isn’t what we all need all the time.  We need someone who can hear us without the emotional baggage.  Someone who isn’t just going to say ‘there, there’ and walk away.  Dionne has this ability to say it how it is.  No bullshit.  No comforting just for the sake of comforting.  Really – if you have issues and you actually want support on making change in your life – you want to talk to Dionne.  She has experience, knowledge and a way of sharing information that actually empowers you.  And Dionne actually followed up with me a few days later to see how I was and called me to action (in the nicest way possible).  It was the little nudge I needed.  I made the call I had procrastinated for a very long time.  It helped.  I made a small change which led to some improvements in my daily life.”


I am humbled and energized by the kindness shown to me through the words of these wonderful women. I will carry them with me through each challenging step towards my own magnificence.

All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

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