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My darling friend you have courage, the Everyday Courage that it takes to survive and thrive everyday! Share your dreams with the world! (Even if it’s only a whisper in the dark before you go to sleep) Dare to believe! Be willing to do the work! Reach out…You are NOT alone! Today is the day to follow your heart.

What is Everyday Courage?

It’s the courage to get up, get dressed and say no, say yes, stop when you are told to run and forgive yourself when the world tries to tell you that you are not worthy of forgiveness.

I am enough.
I am worthy. 

I am powerful.
I am lovable. 

Okay which one of these statements hit you a little harder than the rest? Which one. Which piece of brilliance stuck out like the lie in a sea of truth? I know that there is a part of you that twinged when you read it, did you feel that? You pushed the feeling aside, (like all those other feelings that are too real), and you dismissed it, like you would an annoying insect.

I am enough. I am worthy.

I am powerful. I am lovable. 

Part of you knows that all of these statements are 100% true and this part busts its ass to ignore that insignificant, yet unbelievably loud and obnoxious voice that works very hard to keep you small.

Here’s the thing… 

You’re a strong, independent, “do all the things” woman…oh honey I get that!You’ve got your shit together, you have a great partner, you have a good job and people compliment you on your kid’s manners (ohhhh they better use their f’n manners). And you walk through life checking things off lists and pleasing the hell out of everyone…oh I get that too.

And I wonder, if (like me) out of desperation to feel like you are enough, worthy, powerful and lovable you’ve decided that being all of those things (and more importantly showing others that you are), requires that you do EVERYTHING all on your own.

I wonder when you decided that being enough meant that you didn’t need anyone else. That being worthy meant that you must show others you are an invaluable and extremely capable “good-girl”. That being powerful meant that you must lead and not need. And that being lovable meant that you are “practically perfect in every way” (sometimes Mary Poppins is a pain in the ass btw!)

When was the last time you asked for help? More to the point…when was the first time you asked for help?

What comes up for you when I ask you these things? When I you hear these words in your head..






Are you noticing any sensations  in your body? Any specific thoughts in your mind?

I wonder if you can sit quietly with all of this, for just a moment tap into your everyday courage and take the time to listen and pay attention to whats happening in your mind and in your body.

Are you fine? (freaking out, insecure, numb & emotional)
Are you tuning in to what your authentic self already knows…

Okay, time to do a little work…
Yes work…pull out your journal…yes the pretty one that you never write in, because you are saving it for when you have something really profound to write…guess what … this is going to be some profound shit!!!

I invite you to ask yourself…

Which word stuck out as untrue? enough, worthy, powerful or lovable

Good. Now. Can you describe a time when you knew it to BE true. I believe you can. If you were to know, what would it be.

Can you describe the moment exactly, the feelings that were present, the people who were present, the temperature in the room, the sounds in the air, the color of your shirt? Can you see a picture in your mind of that moment when you knew you were enough/ worthy/ powerful/ loveable.

Good. Now I want you to hold that picture in your mind and really feel those feelings again. Make that picture as real as possible and as “alive” as it can be. Hold it there, so close you feel like you are actually in the picture.

Good. Now I invite you over the next few hours to come back to the place you are sitting now 3 times and re-visit this picture in your mind. Hold it for 1 minute each time. Hold yourself in the picture, feel all of the positive feelings until you can truly sense that you are enough/ worthy/ powerful/ loveable.

Let this be your anchor. A new pathway for your mind to use when doubt, fear and worry show up.

You can believe in the power that resides in your mind. Believe that you have the power to create your reality with your thoughts.

Now. Go and do the work. Write it all down. Make it your reality. Go. Now.

All good things are rooted in love, laughter and learning!

PS Thinking right now might be a good time to reach out…book yourself in for a free Coaching Call with me and let’s uncover your Everyday Courage together!