Good-Bye Shoulds Hello happiness

I know that you often feel lost, uncertain and desperate for some sense of purpose…a reason for all the f’n time and energy you put into everyone else’s greatness while yours sits idle!  I get that…BIGTIME!

At the core of my work, I truly believe it’s the honest, authentic connections with women who see us, hear us and really get what we are going through that lead us to our highest and most authentic selves. Through a shared knowing, we can start to feel whole, a sense of balance, understand our purpose on this planet and find authentic happiness! 

And I so badly want that for you!

I know those feelings you keep a secret from everyone else…the anxiety of making everything work, the resentment that builds from never feeling appreciated and the void left behind from all the “shoulds” that weigh heavily on you. I know this, I live(d) this. I get you! And that’s how I know that this does NOT have to be the way your life is. You can change things, your perspective, your experience, simply through the power of reflection, reconnection and reframing.

You can’t pour from an empty cup…it’s time to make yourself a priority and carve out the time and energy to be the Woman On Fire you want to be.

I  designed this eWORKBOOK using mindset strategies that work. It will guide you through the process of moving from


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Trust me, if you are willing to do the work, you will get what you are looking for!