The Elements

A unique transformational framework designed specifically for Type E (Everything for Everybody) Women.


This Element looks at the time and energy that is needed to grieve the loss of one’s identity. It is a time to slow down, release the negative thoughts and emotions that plague us and reflect on our values and filters we pass our thoughts through when we make decisions. The change has occurred, and by tapping into the Element of Grounding we can give ourselves permission to step outside of our comfort zones and begin to accept the new, exciting, dynamic turn our life is taking.



This Element looks at adopting a growth mindset and channeling the energy that is needed to consistently and persistently step out of our comfort zones. The shift in identity that was accepted while in Grounding can stimulate our fear of the unknown. Movement gives us the strength to reach out into the unknown, teaches us to listen to what we truly want and allows us to reconnect with the parts of ourselves that have been lost. In Movement we tap into our intuition and learn to really trust our guts. We then find ourselves thinking thoughts and doing things that completely light us up. The Element of Movement harnesses the power of intention and leads us to our purpose.



This Element is all about exploring your creative energy. Most of us have chosen to forget that we are born creative beings who discovered the world through exploration and trial and error. Spark reminds us of who we really are and what we are really capable of. It encourages growth and expansion. It teaches us to fail fast, hard and often. The concept of which is lost on most proud perfectionists… which it is why it is such a crucial Element on the journey to our Authentic Selves. We are designed to make mistakes and the sooner we tap into the Element of Spark, the sooner we will be able to remind our ego of that. In doing so we will then have the capacity to step towards the successful, whole Being we were born to be.



This Element is about taking a step back and looking at how far we’ve come. It teaches us the importance of practicing gratitude, cultivating joy and truly celebrating our lives. Being in Flow is about being in a state of flexible awareness, where the ups and downs of life do not instigate a fear of change, it encourages us to embrace change, go with the flow, feel your fears and step forward anyway. Flow is not a permanent state, as the hats we wear change with the seasons and for many reasons. The power of this Element is that it builds capacity within us to manage change with grace and ease.

As you move towards a life of purpose, balance and wholeness, the Elements of Authenticity work together in harmony moving you towards energetic alignment. Cultivating the qualities of a particular element can be done in a number of ways. Once you understand what has been preventing you from accessing the energy of an element and you put your intention on removing or getting past that block you can focus on the positive energy that element provides as you move towards what you want.

As the energy from the elements connect at the transition points along your journey, amazing things happen…

Grounding &  Movement  creates space and fertile ground which stabilizes the mind, preparing it for growth.

Movement & Spark connect to produce illuminating, powerful, creative intellect that desires an outlet.

Spark & Flow produce a home for warmth, emotion & passion.

Flow & Grounding bring about nourished physical, emotional and spiritual joy and well-being down to one’s core.

Now is the time to harness the potential from all of the Elements of Authenticity,  and consistently and persistently show up for your most authentic self.  

Your life of ease and flow is waiting for you.

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